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> Issue 44 > Page 90 - Advert: Canada Games '87

Page 90 - Advert: Canada Games '87

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/1/1 (167 reads)

HURRAY FOR 1987! It's going to be a very special year for Cape Breton: The Canada Winter Games ('0*'' T'f'fr*-r??'c will be here for the first time 'a.pc JJlCLUll & MAGAZINE will be 15 years old Jeux Canada Gaines and Stora Forest Industries Started its 25th year of production January 2,1987 stora Forest Industries takes this opportunity to salute the Winter Games, to congratulate Cape Breton's Magazine, and to thank our employees, our contractors, our pulpwood suppliers and all our supporters for their help over the past 25 years. We've Been Here 25 Years We re STORA' And We Mean Business!
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