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> Issue 44 > Page 91 - On the Road to the Canada Winter (Part 2)

Page 91 - On the Road to the Canada Winter (Part 2)

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/1/1 (131 reads)

leam. 'Cause each time you step out on the court, you learn something new. (What did you leam last time you stepped on the court?) What'd I learn? I learned that you've got to go out and play two games in a row. That's what we played. I scored 31 one night and 16 the other night. Which showed that I'm not as consistent as I should be. I know there's games I performed poorly, and some games I performed excellently.' (What do you do with yourself when you per? form poorly?) Don't let it bother me, for one thing. And go out the next game and try to play it like I can play. You go out every game and try to play to the best of your ability. (Do you ever dream basketball?) Yeah. Dream that I was playing in certain games, or what I would do in certain situations. (How do you make out?) Never finished them. Speed Skating Eric Maclntyre, Glace Bay: (What do people expect of speed skating?) They see it in the Olympics and they expect it slow. They sort of expect Gaetan Boucher to come out onto a big outdoor track. And then you talk about speed skating in Cape Breton and they say, "What? They have to make a track, right?" And you say, "No no no, it's indoor." "Indoor--what's indoor?" They don't know indoor speed skating at all. No one's ever heard of it, indoor. It's a lot faster indoor. You need a lot faster indoor. You need a lot more skill on turns. Whereas outdoors you need a lot more technique because it's big straight? aways. Even on tums, it's all, like, just a few cuts. But on indoors, one cut--and most of the time it's not even a cut if you're going fast--it's just on one foot and you whip around the turn. It's all cor? nering in indoor. If you get good at cor? ners, that's the best. Faster--a lot faster, and a lot more like-- everyone's watching and, "Ooo, look out," like he's going to fall, you know. They're going so low. And (another thing) that sur? prises them is the skates. They're espec? ially made for indoor. They have an offset blade. The blade's to the side, to the left side of the boot. See, if you have your blade in the middle, and you go around a turn, and you lean-- look--your foot's going to touch (the ice). But when you have it (to) the side (on the left-hand side), you can go down a lot low- CONTINUED NEXT PAGE (91)
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