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> Issue 44 > Page 94 - On the Road to the Canada Winter (Part 2)

Page 94 - On the Road to the Canada Winter (Part 2)

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/1/1 (181 reads)

SPEED SKATERS: (1) Patricia MacDougall; (r) Der? rick Kwindt, Eric Maclntyre, Kenzie MacDonald. rules about touching?) The rules about touching are to the discretion of the ref? eree that's standing there. But most of the time they won't take too much. See, the inside skater, the first one to the block (the turn), always has the right- of way. You can't touch him, you can't cut in front of him or anything--you'11 be dis? qualified. Because he has the right of way. Just like a car at an intersection. So if you bump him in any way, and he has to stand up or something. Not even if he has to stand up. If you bump him--you're disquali? fied. No contact what? soever. (The referee) might be lenient once in awhile. But any bumping, pushing, shov? ing, any leaning-- he'll just disqualify you from the race. (You can crowd him?) Oh, you can crowd him. See, you can get right up on his behind if you want, just to let him know you're there. But you can't touch him. WE'VE GOT THE GOODS ON CAPE BRETON We have more than fifteen books on the history and culture of Cape Breton Island, everything from sketches of Cape Breton buildings from days gone by (STILL STANDING; $7.95) to the History of the Presbyterian Church in Cape Breton (THE WELL-WATERED GARDEN by Laurie Stanley; $14.50). Some of our popular titles include: • CAPE BRETON AT 200: Historical Essays in Honour of The Island's Bicentennial 1785-1985; editor Ken Donovan Soft Cover $14.50 - Hard Cover $24.95 • THE CAPE BRETON BOOK OF DAYS by Pam Newton $14.95 • CAPE BRETON SHIPS AND MEN $8.95 • CRANBERRY HEAD: Stories & Paintings by Ellison Robertson $9.95 • MINING PHOTOGRAPHS AND OTHER PICTURES $24.95 • THE CAPE BRETON COLLECTION: (Short Stories) $7.95 • CAPE BRETON: A CHANGING SCENE - Collection of photographs, 1865-1935 By Owen Fitzgerald Soft Cover $14.95 Hard Cover $24.95 • FROM THE HEARTH: Recipes from the world of 18th century Louisbourg by Hope Dunton and A.J.B. Johnston $12.95 • IMPRESSIONS OF CAPE BRETON Brian Tennyson $14.95 • OLD SYDNEY TOWN: Historic Buildings of the North End by Debra McNabb and Lewis Parker. Soft Cover $12.95 Hard Cover $24.95 We've also captured much of the music and comedy of Cape Breton Island on a variety of albums and cassettes, including: • RISE & FOLLIES OF CAPE BRETON ISLAND '77, '80, '81, '85 $8.98 • CAPE BRETON'S GREATEST HITS $8.98 • MEN OF THE DEEPS, VOL. I, II, III $8.98 • RITA MacNEIL, "I'M NOT WHAT I SEEM " $9.98 • CELTIC MUSIC OF CAPE BRETON VOL. I $8.98 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF CAPE BRETON PRESS P.O. Box 5300 Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada Bl P 6L2 Tel.: (902) 539-5300 Ext. 146 You can pass. You can pass all you want. As long as you don't touch him. You can pass, as long as it's a clean pass. Coming out of a turn is most of your passing. It's a certain way you have to do it. Okay, what I'll do--I make my de? cision that I'm going to pass him coming in? to this turn. So I'll come in back of him. (There's only 2 turns, each end--call them turn A and turn B.) I'm making my decision I'm going to pass him on turn A, coming into turn B. I come around the turn, I build up a whole lot of speed, then I'll slacken right off on the straightaway. Let him get the turn, and then burst into the turn. And by the time he's coming out of the turn, I have a whole lot of speed coming right out of the turn. Then when he cuts in, I'll cut by him, and go right into the other turn. (Why isn't he bursting, too?) See, he's just skating. He's bursting. But I'm burst? ing more because--I'm holding off, then all of a sudden I burst--I burst right a- round the turn, whereas he's just going at a steady pace. I burst into the turn. I'm coming right behind him. I've got all this speed, he's only going--I just go right by him, right? (I would think that your speed forces you to go out wider.) Right. So that's why you back off. You back off, come wide, then you have a cut in, and you have a really good tight turn. Whereas he's coming out of the turn at a steady pace, you're real? ly bursting out of the turn, 'cause you have a great turn. You blow right by him. (And when you blow by him, do you blow by on the inside?) Yes. Most of the time. But if he hangs a really tight turn--it's called skating a tight track--you can't pass him on the inside. If you've got e- nough speed, no doubt you'll pass him on Earl MacKinnon's Furniture 6 Duncan Street 849-6547 GLACE BAY Proud to Be a Gold Sponsor of the Canada Winter Games, 1987 BretonToyota A Full Line of TOYOTA Products SALES LEASING SERVICE PARTS "Our people make the difference!" New Location: GRAND LAKE ROAD 539-8930 (94)
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