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Page 95 - On the Road to the Canada Winter (Part 2)

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/1/1 (221 reads)

the outside. It might take a little bit more composure and a little bit more speed, but you can do it. It's no problem. It's split-second decisions, that's what it takes. All the time, you're thinking. Before you go into a race, you take each lap. Say, if I'm skating a 400 race, I'll take each lap and say, "Okay., when the whistle blows, I want to have a second po? sition for the first 2 laps. Then on the third lap I want to take, say, the first position for a lap. If some guy passes me, I'll hang back until the last half of the race, then I'll pass him, and try to take a first." So I go right through the whole race in my mind, beforehand. It all de? pends on who you're up against. It* all de? pends on the length of the race, something like that. ('Cause it doesn't really matter if you're first through 10 laps.) No no, as long as you're first at the last of it. That's true, yeah. That's it. (Do you do something every day that has to do with speed skating?) Yes, I do, every There s no first place in the human race. | :''--l:*l#l:''| iliij Nova Scotia fcap.,:?! ''KiSSi s. ,/' give you a neao start an be penalized because of p nor the sex they were bor nor the country they con nor the age they've reac But they are. Human Rights legislation discriminate on any of the mission will enforce that But the best protection a standing and your attitud gets an equal chance in luman Rights Commission Honourable Laird Stirling Vlinister 'y 1 t'il 3 noDoay snouia " ""'''S hysical or mental disability n with... nor the God Ihey pray t e from... nor the beliefs they hed... nor their source of incon in Nova Scotia makes it an offe se grounds and the Human Right egislation. gainst discrimination is you. Your 3 are the best guarantees that ev the Human Race. HEAD OFFICE REGIONAL OFFICE ord Nelson Arcade Basin Place rd Floor 68 Water Street 675 Spring Garden Rd. P.O. Box 1029 0 Box 2221 Digby. NS. Halifax, N.S. B3J 3C4 BOV 1A0 244111 or 424-7690 245-4791 0 '''''''''''' Old ''''3 ie ' nee to 1 s Com- 1 under- 1 eryone 1 rovincial Building Maritime Bldg 1 rince Street 5th Floor 1 ydney, N S. P 0 Box 728 1 1P5L1 New Glasgow. NS 1 39-5204 B2H 2P8 1 752-3086 1 day. After I get home, I eat supper. And at about 6 o'clock, I jog 3 miles. Usually get a chance, after I finish jogging or be? fore I get jogging, to do something called short intervals. And that's • comprised of a 40-second straight-out run, as hard as you can. Then I rest for 80 seconds. Then for 40 seconds I do something called a low walk. It's just like when I'm skating, go? ing down the ice. It's the same technique as on ice, only you're doing it on the land. So, I'm walking. I'm running. I'm sort of a half-decent jogger, eh? I'm go? ing like this: I stretch out my leg, and bring it back in, drag my toe. More or less, I'm skating on ground. And I'm real? ly exaggerating it. Then for 40 seconds--long strides. You ex? aggerate everything. You get really low. You stretch out. And then you rest for 80 seconds more. Then you'll do straight-out running for 40 seconds. Hard as you can. You'll rest for 80. Then low walks for 40. Then you'll rest for 80. Then run as hard as you can for 40 seconds. You do 3 sets of jogging, 3 sets of low walks. Then you rest for 6 minutes. Do the whole thing o- Iver again. (When you're working alone, how do you keep yourself sharp?) What I think about is how good I can get. And trying to be the best, and trying to get to be the best. I saw my competition when I went to Ottawa, and how good these guys are. And I'm say? ing, like, I can be that good, if I can just keep do? ing it. And every night I just say. Okay, you know, I want it bad enough--I have to go and get it myself. No one s going to say, "Okay, you're in shape. You're great." You have to work at it really hard. It's just sort of like a goal for the Canada Games, to be really good. And I set little goals for myself. Like, okay, my time for the 400 (metres) now is 46.94 seconds. So I'm saying, by the time November rolls a- round, I want to have a 400 in 45 seconds. Take a second off it. And then I'11 have another little goal, like I'm going to train hard as anything CONTINUED NEXT PAGE Jeux Canada Games '87
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