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Page 64 - With Fr. John Angus Rankin, Glendale

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/6/1 (198 reads)

times. Because I'd been so used to, as a kid, growing up--you'd see it in the win? ter, the summer, or the fall--maybe you wouldn't see it every night, but you'd see it certain nights. At a particular place. They'd come as one, then go up in two, and break away and go in four, come and get to? gether as one, and travel along the road. Sometimes you'd almost imagine, when the cars came, that it was a car coming. The light would be about the size of the head? light of a car. And then it would go into two. Two different directions, Down to the shore, up towards the mountain, or over the road. Then it would come together, and break and go into four, (I had a woman recently telling me about lights doing that, coming from two sides of the road and meeting over the road-- bursting, then going back. Almost playful.) Yeah, well, that's the way this was. (I mean that. Almost playful. The sense we usually get is of lights as something dire and frightening and coming after us--por? tending something very ugly, or very bad. But there is this sense of play.) You could call it play. To me, something that looked like fight to it,.,, Now, I did some investigation on my own, and I did find out that in the olden days, away way back, there was a dispute, and there was a fight, over line markings--line fence and line markings, (Another time) you can check on this, There were two fellows. This happened may? be 9 or 10 years ago. They were in on an afternoon during the week, and we were talking ghost stories and that. And I men? tioned this light. And one fellow had heard about it, and the other hadn't. But they said, "How about going down to see it?" "Well," I said, "sure, I've taken dif? ferent people down when I was in Inverness, but," I said, "you come here and pick me up on Sunday, and we'll go and drive--I know where the place is, and will take you up there," So they came. But it happened that on that particular Sunday, I had vis? itors from the States, And I couldn't get away. It was just impossible for me to leave. So they left, and they went to In? verness , (You sent them to the place?) I gave them an idea of where to go. And they picked up two people in Inverness, and they knew where to take them. And this fellow had a brand new car. It was just about 3 or 4 days old. They went up, they circled a- round, they stayed around, and nothing hap? pened. They were there for 2 or 3 hours. They can tell you better than I can the length of time they were there. But anyway, they started away, and one of them said, "Damn Fr, Rankin! What a wild goose chase we went on!" And somebody else picked it up. And bingo! No lights on the car! And they were in a kind of a danger? ous spot, too. And they were on a road, So they stopped. And tried to look for a fuse, pulled the fuse out--fuse was all right. Tried different things--nothing. They were there, and after a little while, the driving lights came on. So they drove to Inverness, CONTINUED NEXT PAGE North Sydney & Sydney Mines "We're Working Together to Create ''''B the Best Place in Cape Breton * to Visit, Live and Work" Sydney Mines and North Sydney Share: The Gateway to Newfoundland * ''f' Terminal of the CN Railroad Waterfront Beauty Golf Courses Excellent Beach Mayor Davki MacDonald Northside Community Swimming Pool The Cape Breton Exhibition A Working Shipyard Yacht Club and Marina Facilities & a School System Committed to a Combination of Quality Vocational and Academic Education L'li Mayor Hector DiPersio The Northside provides an ideal environment for new industrial groups to join with established local business. Sydney Mines and North Sydney jointly own the NORTHSIDE INDUSTRIAL PARK, with incubator mall and serviced lots. MOST IMPORTANT: Our strength is the people of the Northside. We're a community that welcomes the visitor and encourages those who want to productively establish here. 794-4818 Contact: Norm Smith, Executive Director NORTHSIDE INDUSTRIAL COMMISSION P, O, BOX 276, NORTH SYDNEY, NOVA SCOTIA B2A 3M3 'ORAreo' 794'18 The Northside's Active Core of Business and Community Welcomes the Visitor and the New Citizen Alike!
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