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> Issue 45 > Page 65 - With Fr. John Angus Rankin, Glendale

Page 65 - With Fr. John Angus Rankin, Glendale

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/6/1 (207 reads)

THE BEST JN LOCAL, REQIQNAL, NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL ENTERTAINMENT Juty17 John Allan Cameron July 19 The Bokun Trio July20 Cape Breton Symphony July21 Octet July22 The Alexander Brothers July25 Jonathan Edwards July26 Odetta July27 Teny Kelly Juty28 Jest in Time Theatre July29 Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown July30 New Faces Juty3l Jesse Winchester August 1 Tommy Hunter August 2 Oliver Jones Augusts St. Ann's Bay Players August 4 Rising Tide Theatre Auguste, 7 Cape Breton Summertime Review Augusts George MacDonald August 9-23 Beinn Bhreagh TICKETS phone 295-3044 or write FESTIVAL Box 666, Baddeck, N. S. BOE 1 BO They let off the people they had with them. And these fellows were stay? ing for the night out at Strathlorne Lodge. They mentioned the thing again. Bango! Out the lights go! Same thing as before. Waited for awhile, the lights came on. When they were driving in--they had to drive, we'll say, maybe a quarter of a mile from the main road in to where the lodge was. On the way in, one men? tioned, "What a hell of a night we had! No mu? sic- -we could have had music all night. And we didn't see a damn thing." Bango! Out the lights go again! He.took the car back to the garage the next day, where he got it. Went o- ver it, there wasn't a thing wrong an57where. No explanation. And if you see them, ask them to go where the light is--you'll get an an? swer! That was their ex? perience. (I know you had other experiences. I know, for instance, that after your father died-- I've heard that story told on CBC--after your father died, that you saw him again,) Well, it was my experience with him that really convinced me that people came back. Because I had certain criteria. #1: I had to be in full possession of my faculties, #2: The person had to be dead. And #3: I had no way of knowing what was in his mind, or her mind. Now, if I got a situation where those 3 conditions were fulfilled simultaneously, I wouldn't doubt, (Did you know your father was going to die, before he died?) Yes, yeah. (What gave you that?) Oh, it was inore a forerunner--it was a premonition, see. Coming into the house, and the house was in darkness. And the parlour was lit up. And I figured, well, maybe somebody got into the back door. But as soon--I had my own key for the house--as soon as I unlocked the door and went in, I was in complete darkness. (How did the parlour figure?) Well, that's where the wake was held. So it was some? thing along the idea of the light I was talking about, eh? Saw the place, saw the room lit up. (Did your father die suddenly?) No, he was sick for about a week. And see, I was teaching at the college at the time. And I was down, oh, every day. I stayed down Thursday night and went back and taught classes all day Friday. I was going to stay home Friday night in Antigonish. But the phone rang at 6 o'clock that he'd ta? ken a very serious turn and gone uncon- CONTINUED NEXT PAGE Saving or Borrowing? Join the League! League Savings and Mortgage means financial safety and security with the efficient and personal service you deserve. We offer high, guaranteed rates of return and the flexibility of annual, semi-annual or monthly paid interest. Join the League and take advantage of our complete range of financial services: Debentures Term Deposits RRIF RRSP Residential and Commercial Mortgage Financing 6074 Lady Hammond Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 453-4220 235 Charlotte Street, Sydney, Cape Breton, 539-8222 1645 Barrington Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 453-4220 Member Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation League Savings 8 Mortgage (65),
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