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Page 68 - A Visit with Frank & Margaret MacRae

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/8/1 (180 reads)

1) "De Chuir Mise?"/"What Sent Me?" 1) De chuir mise. Hug o-o. Buain na moine? Hug o-o, De chuir mise, Haolri gheibh o-o. Buain na mSine? Hug o-o. 2) "A bhean ud thall. Hug o-o. Cois na traghad, HQg o-o. Nach truagh, nach truagh, Haoirl gheibh o-o, Bean 'g a bathadh?" Hug o-o. 3) "Cha thruaigh, cha thruaigh. Hug o-o. 'S beag mo chas dhlot. Hug o-o. 'S ann bhios mise, Haoiri gheibh o-o, Nochd 'n a d'aite," Hug o-o. 4) '"N a do phlaidean, Hug o-o. Mine, bana. Hug o-o. Bheir thu'n aire, Haoiri gheibh o-o. Dha m'chuid phMsdean, Hug o-o. 5) "Fear dhiubh, bliadhna. Hug o-o. 'S fear dhidbh raithe. Hug o-o. 'S fear beag elle, Haoiri gheibh o-o. 'N aois a thaladh, Hug o-o. 6) "sin do lamh dhomh, Hiig o-o. Sin do chas dhomh'" Hiig o-o, "Cha shin, cha shin, Haoiri gheibh o-o, 'S beag mo chas dhiot. Hug o-o. 7) '"S math do shelleir. Hug o-o. Im is caise. Hug o-o. 'S do chrodh-laoighe, Haoiri gheibh o-o. 'S tighean bana," Hug o-o. 8) Ach Iain Beag, Hug o-o, Lualdh do mh'thar. Hug o-o, Iarraidh tu 'n nochd, Haoiri gheibh o-o, Cloch do mhSthar, Hug o-o. 9) Ach ma dh'iarras. Hug o-o, 'S beag is fhe'irrd' thu. Hug o-o. 'S ann bhios cioch do mhathar, Haoiri gheibh o-o. Loma-lan saile. Hug o-o. 10) 'S e'n dulleasg donn, Hiig o-o, Rinn mo bhathadh. Hug o-o. Thig am bata, Haoiri gheibh o-o. So am maireach. Hug o-o. 11) Gheibh iad mise, Hilg o-o, , Air mo bhathadh, Hxlg o-o. 'S mo chuailean donn, Haoiri gheibh o-o. Barr an t-s'ile. Hug o-o. 12) Bidh m'athair ann. Hug o-o, 'S mo thriiiir bhraithrean. Hug o-o. Bidh Mac an t-saoir, Haoiri gheibh o-o, Air na raimh ann, Hug o-o. 13) Mo bhroids' airgid. Hug o-o. Air sgeir laimh rium. Hug o-o. 'S bheir iad mise, Haoiri gheibh o-o. Falbh air claran, Hilg o-o. What sent me cutting the peat? What sent me cut- and cheese. You have cows-in-calf, and houses with ting the peat? cemented stone walls." 2) "0 woman over there, at the foot of the beach, do 8) Little Iain, you are your mother's treasure. You you not pity a drowning woman?" will ask for her breast tonight. 3) "I have no pity, little do I care for your predica- 9) But if you do, you will benefit little. Your moth- ment. I will be in your place tonight." er's breast will be brimful of brine. 4) "Wrapped in your soft, white blankets, you will 10) It was the brown dulse that was the cause of my take care of my children. drowning. The boat will come here tomorrow. 5) "One of them a year old; one of them three months; 11) They will find me drowned, with my brown hair and another little fellow who has to be lulled to floating on the top of the sea. sleep. 12) My father will be there, and my three brothers; 6) "Stretch out your hand and your foot to me." "I Maclntyre will be there at the oars. will not stretch anything to help you, your dis? tress is only trifling to me. 13) You will find my silver brooch on the rock beside me, and they will carry me away on boards. 7) "Your cellar is well provisioned, full of butter N ARDOCCHIO GeDDE' aijtO SALES HYunoni 3rd Anniversary Our sincere thanks to our many friends and customers who made this day possible. May 14, 1984: We opened our doors. Very few had hfeard of our car. Very few could pronounce its name. Three years later we opened our new spacious showroom, and we continue to be the leader in import car sales. If you are not yet a Hyundai owner, we look forward to introducing you to the best buy in Canada
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