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Page 69 - A Visit with Frank & Margaret MacRae

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/8/1 (233 reads)

(Together, Margaret and Frank sang a la? ment which, it has been suggested" may be an einigrant or parting song based on the " earlier "MacCrimmon's Lament":) Cha thill, cha thill, cha thill MacCruimein Ged thilleadh MacLeoid, cha bheo e tuilleadh Co sheinneas a phiob, piob mhor MacCruimein Co sheinneas an ceol, cha bheo e tuilleadh Aig cladach Phort-righ, dh'fhag ml mo chruinneag Leanabh na sguird, 'sa suil a sileadh Cha thill, cha thill, cha thill sinn tuilleadh Ged thilleadh MacLeoid cha bheo MacCruimein MacCrimmon will not, will not, will not return Though MacLeod may return • 'he is no longer alive Who will play the pipe, MacCrimmon's great pipe Who will play the music, he is no longer alive At the shore of Portree I parted with my girl The baby in her arms and her eye weeping We will not, will not, will not return Though MacLeod return, MacCrimmon is dead Frank: That was walking the baby. lullaby, you know, for Margaret: It was a la- And ment for MacCrimmon. (The piper?) Yes. it says, Who's going to play the pipes now, 'cause he won't come back. Frank: My moth? er used to sing that one so often. Margaret: And there was another one--"Mo Nighean Donn an Domhnaig" ("My Brown- Haired Girl from Domhnaig"). Frank's moth? er used to sing that one sort of as a lul? laby, when she'd be rocking--it was rock? ing the grandchildren she'd be then, when I was here. Perhaps one of the boys was small, and she'd probably sit down, when I'd get him ready for bed, and she'd take him in her lap. (And Frank and Margaret sang:) iRtiie cocpaMo' ''' Insurance Services For All Your Personal Coverage, Call: SYDNEY 539-6315 (toll free) NORTH SYDNEY 794-4788 GLACE BAY 849-4547 MABOU 945-2514 NEW WATERFORD 862-3350 LOUISDALE 345-2199 PORT HAWKESBURY 625-0640 CHETICAMP 224-3204 A COMPREHENSIVE FARM PACKAGE IS AVAILABLE St. Peters Drug Store Ltd. Don Stone, Ph. C, Proprietor Open 6 Days a Week Monday to Frid&y; open until 8 p.m. Saturday open until 5 p.m. 535-2203 St. Peters, Richmond County, N. S. (Chorus:) Mo nighean donn an Domhnaig Gu robh thu buidhe boidheach Mo nighean donn a Cornaig 1) 'S truagh nach robh mi'n taca riut Nuair ghlac iad thu nad 'onar 2) Nuair chaidh na fir dhan t-searmon Chaidh na sealgairean dhan mhointich 3) A Righ gur cruaidh an sgeula Do dheoch-relte'n deidh do thoraidh 4) Do chuailean buidhe slaoidte riut 'S do leine chaoil na sroicean 5) Do chiochan cruinne geala A sileadh fala comhla (Chorus:) My brown-haired girl from Domhnaig You were golden and beautiful My brown-haired girl from Domhnaig 1) Pity I were not by you When they caught you all alone 2) When the men went to church The hunters went to the hill 3) 0 Lord how hard the tale Your betrothal drink served after your funeral 4) Your golden curls unloosed And your fine shift in ribbons 5) Your round white breasts Pouring blood together Margaret: That was supposed to be a story about a young girl, and there was a young fellow courting her. And she jilted him. She started going with another young man. They were making preparations to be mar? ried. And they used to, when they made preparations to be married, they used to buy what they'd call the (sounds like) fer- ence--whatever that was supposed to be-- different things for their marriage, the dress and all that. And liquor for the wed? ding and that sort of thing. All that had been in readiness. And she was to be mar? ried on a certain day. But the young boy who had been jilted, and his friends--the young boy was very jeal? ous because she had left him--and they made a plot. So one Sunday rooming the ' SL Debbie's Hair Shop 156 Fulton Ave. . WESTMOUNT 539-0756 Hairstylist: Debbie Doyle HOMESTEAD DINING Featuring Fresh Seafood and Homestyie Cooiiing f $1.99 Truckers' Special Breakfast I Every Morning WE OPEN AT 7 A. M. IVIonday to Saturday 9 A. M. Sunday RESTAURANT OPEN till 11 P. M. LOUNGE OPEN till 2 A.M. Live Entertainment Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 'N SHOOTERS LOUNGE Your Hosts: Brian & Sherri Musgrave CAPE BRETON SHOPPING PLAZA 539-5247 SYDNEY RIVER
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