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Page 10 - Wreck Cove Hydro-Electric Investigation

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1974/10/1 (747 reads)

that you will see. (After 3 or 4 years you're going to have about 800 unemployed people who have been living and centering their lives around Wreck Cove. Where are they going to go?) The good guys • the fellow who has learned a trade out of it • he will get on the dam-building business. The same as me. And he'll go on the circuit. After a while, okay, you're a little guy, you're building little dams, you're part of a little district. But once that dam is built you realize that dam is not for a little district; with that dam you're building the world* And you're no longer part of a local; you're changing the world. You're changing the way of thinking of peo? ple, you're changing the way of living. There's nothing like a big body of water coming in from nowhere to change the whole philosophy of nations* Martin Rancourt: My only concern is the social impact this might have. The rest is easily feasible. I have some experience in two different places: Carrion, north of Montreal, and in Forestville. Forestville is terrible today. In one town they were smart enough: they opened up a new place just for people to come and live in there, to set up their trailers • they opened a kind of big trailer park for these laborers* We may have approximately 800 people all together. Most of these guys would like to stay on the spot afterwards. It's costly to move a trailer. And after the project they will look for work or they will become unemployed. You have to be very careful about that. They set up a separate place for laborers and family, and that way they did not disturb that town. When the project was over all these people were looking for employment. And they were not interested in spending maybe a couple of thousand dollars to move their trailers. (How do you avoid this?) Restrictions. We may have a camp site here and you can ask people to come without family. You don't want to encourage labor camps. First of all they don't look nice. And a lot of them will move out after completion of the project • and you'll have a lot of space between trailers. Who will look after it, who will be the mayor, who will pay the taxes? These guys don't pay taxes. Ingonish is a beautiful place and the worse will be*.. I mean, there's a lot of money in that. If I had a bit of money and was a good friend of the council there, I would try to open a tavern there. They shouldn't do that. They should not invite these people and keep that place as a tourist place* Just like it is. (Where will the laborers go then?) On the site here we can liave a camp. (Right here at Wreck Cove?) Sure. With some recreational facilities for the guys • a small restaurant and a tavern. It won't affect Wreck Cove but it would affect a place like Ingonish. We'll set up a labor camp right here at Wreck Cove. We'll encourage them not to bring their families. It's the people living here that will decide. If you don't sell land for that, the people on the North Shore • if they want to sell sites for these trailers there is money in that. But after the project is over it's an awful place. And Ingonish • if they open that town...young girls, wo? men* Oh, boy, I know a lot of stories. These guys are coming here, a lot of them bachelors....It is good to encourage the laborers to stay at the camps. But you know there will be no girls there. A tavern, restaurant • but no girls. A place like In? gonish • add a couple hundred bachelors going there every night. These guys are just coming in and out, eh? This is the most important environmental impact. Scuba Courses -- Basic & Advanced Rentals • Air Station & Repairs breton divers supply fimited ProDiveShop C.B.School of Diving dive tours arrangbi> anytime Box 416, 500 Esplanade, Sydney Telephone 539-7676 Gentlemen's Choice in HAIRSTYLING 390 Charlotte St* 562-3336 Ljordon ' PHOTOGRAPHIC 355 Charlotte (902) 564-5665 BICYCLE &TRICYCLE; SALES SERVICE & PARTS 2, 3, 4, 5 and lO-speed a specialty Scott's Hardware 464 Prince Street, Sydney 564-6401 Cape Breton's Magazine/lO D. GOLDMAN & SONS LTD. "Tllfc HOMKOF FINESKXfOOD" 'Gallant Street7'' Glace Bay • Terminal Bldg., ' Sydney Airport ' ii''''vw' ' "'Km. 'K'A
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