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Page 19 - "Wild Archie" Plays the Bones

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1974/10/1 (776 reads)

(using only your wrists) all the time • your arms get so tired. You've really got to loosen the whole body up. That's the way I do it. Just about the way a boxer moves. Oh, well, I boxed a ntimber of years ago. Well, it's actually practically the same. I never did any training for boxing. The best I ever did was play them. That was as good as any training. Oh, yes, every bone in your body, every muscle in your body's going. Even I was half step-dancing on the stage the other night. Any bones at all- next to the index It's only the one See, this one don' thumb and that's : your thumb that's front edge of the you hold them, with the middle finger, the strong finger. The one finger, you hold that tight. Then the other bone is right loose, bone hits the other. That's what makes the noise. The one bone, t move. That's solid. It's the same with both hands. It's vour ainst the bone and your index finger is up over your thumb • it's against the bone, holding it solid • your middle finger is on the bone, again holding it solid • so that one bone isn't going to move at all. I don't pull the loose one. No, no. I just shake the wrist. It's!only a shake of the wrist. It's awkward at first. Just shake your wrist from side to side, like that. I find very few other people who c' do'it. It's pretty hard to tell a A?l-MacEACHERM TRAILEII&i; MANUPACIIIRIIW LTD. station Street, North Sydney Manufacturer of "Ranger," Travel Trailer, Pickup Campers, Mobil Homes & Offices and Toppers Complete Service and Repairs All Sizes and Makes Complete line of International Furnaces and Parts Alsp Service Center for DOMETIC AND MORPHY RICHARDS Refrigerators THE LARGEST COMPLETE TRAILER SERVICE IN THE EAST Location: Florence Bras d'Or Highway in the Village of Bras d'Or Write P.O.Box 121, Sydney Mines Phone: 736-3200 CAPE BRETON'S OWN FURNITURE SHOWROOMS Ranges Tables Chairs Recliners Sofas Beds fitereos Televisions Carpets Refrigerators Washers Sydney (Hace Bay New Waterford Port Hastings Schwartz Cape Breton's Magazine/19
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