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Page 20 - "Wild Archie" Plays the Bones

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1974/10/1 (1914 reads)

person how to get the double action. I couldn't teach them because it's in there- it's just the wrist. You lower your fingers down the bone you get a different sound. You move them up and you get a different sound. So that's it. You listen to music and you try and get the same beat. Beyond that, I don't know how I do it. Getting the beat. Now if you keep time with a guitar you've got the beat. Or a mandolin is the nicest thing to keep time with. It's just as good as a violin. I like the vio? lin, yes. I used to play with a lot of violinists. I played with old Sandy MacLean; he's about 88 today. He's out in Inverness. I played with Jack MacQuarry, Gordon MacQuarry. Tina Campbell. I played with Harry Bagnell and the wife years ago. They are from lona • she was. And Neillie Gillis, the insurance agent. I went to Halifax in 1956, working all around. And I played the bones. We had a Cape Breton Club in Halifax. Well they have a meeting there the second Wednesday of every month. So we'd all get there and there'd be two or three violin players and step dancers and I'd be there and we'd put on a little party every second Wednesday of the month. '' THl??' ??Mb t)F series CLu?i. /es , (y (6) / ('(Le INl. ''' /J -f - ''* cor/ T frHTU.y 'lOtcH Ccrr y lOO'y. AJ'OONiD t5>0<'g(D The police pinned that (the name "Wild Archie") on me when I was boxing. I used to box at the Alexander Hall. Used to go training in the police club up there • not where it is now, where it used to be years ago. And my dad was called Wild Archie- so there it is. John A. MacLennan was photographed during a regular m4eting of the Gaelic Society of Cape Breton. The Society meets in Sydney the first Wednesday of every month. CAPE BRETON SHOPPING PLAZA SYDNEY RIVER • OPEN DAILY 'TIL 10 P. M. DEnUTTMENT STORES A Division of the F.W.lHooliifortli Co. Limited " BUY WfTH CONFIDENCE " SATISFACTION GUARANTEED REPIACEMENT OR YOUR MONEY REFUNDED
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