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> Issue 47 > Page 84 - With Dan Angus Beaton, Blackstone: Farm Life, Dredging on the Great Lakes, and Tales

Page 84 - With Dan Angus Beaton, Blackstone: Farm Life, Dredging on the Great Lakes, and Tales

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/1/1 (136 reads)

awake this time! You know--no dream this time--I'm hearing him. Oh, the hearing was good then. And he was right under me. I listened. And I could almost count the shovelfuls that he was driving right into the boiler, you know. Oh, was he ever driv? ing into the boiler! I jumped up. And I was clear wild this time. Well, I'm damn sure he's putting coal in, you know. And I went down. Same result. No coal in the boiler. I went through, all around. Couldn't find anybody. "Well," I said to myself, "I'll know." I got a light, went right around the dredge. "If there's anybody aboard, he'd have to have a boat." 'Cause they were out 7 miles. Not a boat, but mine. Nobody but me. And then I went down and I examined. I said to myself, "If there's anybody aboard that stayed aboard." I hunted from top to bot? tom, and there wasn't anybody. And he couldn't leave without taking my boat. There was nobody. Jimmy Lacey came the next morning. I asked him, "Jimmy, anybody ever get drowned or get killed around on this outfit?" "Why, why, why, Dan?"--you know, the first thing, you know--"Why?" "Well," I said, "I'm ask? ing you a question." "Why? Did you hear anything?" "Yes, I did." And I told him. "Yes," he said. "This rig rolled over, go? ing into Buffalo." He told me the year. "And," he said, "the cook and the fireman were both lost. I knew them both well. The cook and the fireman were drowned." "Well," I said to him, "tell your son (the priest) that he's to have some masses and prayers said for that fireman," I said. "I heard him firing last night." "You'll never catch me on this rig alone! Never no more," he said. "You fellows can have her. But," he said, "I'll do what you said." I never heard him after. (You had a mass said for him?) Yeah. Never heard him after. I was aboard of it for years. I never heard him any more. I heard him just that one night. And I was aboard of her different times alone, and I never heard him since. Catherine: He was just looking for a little help. Dan Angus: He was just looking for a little help, I guess, the poor little fellow. (You mean a mass.) Yes. Something very simple can keep you out of there. (Out of where?) Up above. Catherine: Out of Heaven. (Oh. Apparently that's true.) Dan Angus: This is true. You've got to know what it's all about. - Best Western Clapmore ifnn and Conference Centre ANTIGONISH, N. S. (902)863-1050 Indoor Pool / Sauna / Hot Tub/Licensed Dining Room & Lounge Keppoch l'tn. 15 Min. * Weekend Ski Packages Available
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