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Page 4 - Johnny Allan MacDonald of Enon

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/6/1 (289 reads)

I'd take the hook and throw it out, the lake here, down below the lower field there. Throw it out, and come back in a little while. I never took more than 2 or 3, you know. I didn't believe in trying to see how many you'd take. I always took 2 or 3, according to the size. But they were all big trout. All big trout. So they settled--all the ways--Munros, Sa? lem Road; McCuishes; and in, Cassie's, in? side that way. But the lower end--Lower End Loch Lomond--it was the Chisholms and Be- thunes. They were the first to come there, about the same time. But they came on an? other route, you know, through L'Ardoise and Grand River, and so on like that. (When you spoke with your grandmother about this meeting that they had--the Carpenter, I guess, was sort of a leader.) He was the leader. (And he had this idea, better to go than to be driven away.) Oh yeah, yes, yes. (And he made some arrangement for this ves? sel, the Commerce.) Yes. (Now was there any mention at all of what the conditions were like on that ship when they came over?) Well, he saw that there'd be lots of water The HIGH WHEELER .S, Cafe ?? Deli . Bakery gg 295-3006 * IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN BADDECK See life as it was in Cape Breton during the 19th century. Nova Scotia Highland Village The Highland Village shows examples of dwellings built in Scotland, the first homes built with basic tools in Cape Breton, as well as buildings that exemplify the settlers' firm foothold in the new land. More than half of the planned buildings are completed, and work goes on. Come see us grow. OPEN DAILY JUNE 15 to SEPTEMBER 15 MONDAY - SATURDAY 9 to 5 / SUNDAY 12 to 6 The Highland Village is located at lona on Route 223 which leaves the Trans-Canada (Route 105)' about 7 miles east of Whycocomagh. Route 223 is a scenic alternative paved route eastward to the Sydney area. Two short ferry rides provide pleasant breaks in the drive. Highland Village Day AUGUST 6 - 27th year of this festival featuring traditional Scottish entertainment Please Note: The Highland Village will be closed to the public on August 7 put in clean barrels. You know, a lot of the ships that came over, it would be greasy barrels. And the people would die on the way; a lot of them would die after ar? riving. The bad water. Six weeks and 6 days--that's the time the Commerce took, coming over--6 weeks and 6 days. A lot of pork and oatmeal--that's what they had for food. They might have had some oth? er little things while it would last, but it was the pork and oatmeal, that's what they depended on. (Did your grandmother ever say anything about what life was like? Did everybody have their own room on the vessel?) Yes, their own room. Well, there was a space--I think it was 3 (feet) by 6 (feet)--that was the space that was figured for every one. But very likely they would be together, you know. But according to this, it was 3 by 6, that was the space. That would be figured on the boat, you know, the number of people that would come. (Actually, would every person have their own little room to go to?) Oh, I don't think it was cut up in rooms, I don't think. But it was 3 by 6, space. If there was 2, that would be 6 by 6, and so on like that. That was the space allowed for the number of people--3 by 6. (Did she ever say anything about the weath? er during 6 weeks of travelling across the ocean?) No, she never said. I never heard her say a word about (it). (So when your grandfather came to this farm, what was here?) Nothing but forest. Nothing but forest. My grandfather first started in Lingan--very near Waterford, anyway. And he didn't like it. He didn't like it at all. And he came up this way. And here is where he started. There was nothing--no clearance or a thing. They had to chop trees and burn them and build a log cabin for themselves. Plant potatoes around the stumps. I often wondered how did they get the potatoes. (Oh--the seed.) Yes. They couldn't have got an awful lot. But ah, they must have been awful strong people, that would stand an awful lot. Couldn't have had many varieties, for to eat. (Food, Best selection of hooked rugs - Demonstration of rug hooking by Flora - Rugs made by over 100 local craft ladies Hooked Rugs HANDCRAFT.S-AI Other Hand Crafts Quality souvenirs Art gallery of local paintings "-.J. '. OPENDAE'Y PHONE: (902)224-3139
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