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Page 5 - Johnny Allan MacDonald of Enon

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/6/1 (296 reads)

you mean.) Yeah. (I suppose that's true. Your grandmother never told you how they got started like that, did she?) No. No, she didn't. (Did your grandmother remember when all this was forest?) Oh yes, yeah. She was 16. A person 16 remembers quite a lot. But, well, coming to this country, you know. 236 Townsend St., Sydney, N.S. BIP 5E8 Phone 539-4566 Limited Edition Collectors Plates & Fine Giftware I INTERNATIONAL | TATTOO 28 June-4 July , Halifax Metro Centre Mail order tickets now available New Performance Times 2 % 3 July-6:00 p.m. Al! others - 8:00 p.m. The Nova Scotia Intemational Tattoo 28 June to 4 July, 1988 Name Prov/State Telephone . Please mail me: adults at $13.00 seniors/youths at $6.50 _ (60 and over/12 and under) I have enclosed a self-addressed envelope and a certified cheque or money order payable to the Halifax Metro Centre D or charge to VISA D or MASTERCARD D Account Number Expiry Date . Card in the name of: Preferred Date leaving their old home in Scotland-- whatever kind of a home it was--kind of hard to understand. (Was she bitter about having left Scotland? Did she wish she were back there?) No, she never wished to be back. Never did. And I never heard of any of them wishing to be back. (Did you ever see the first cabin, the first log house?) Oh, I saw some of them, I saw some of them. I didn't see the ones that were here, but I saw others. (How big would you say they were?) Oh, about 12 by 20, or something like that. (Did they use the logs round?) Round, yes. (They didn't square them?) No, no. They didn't square them at all. (Not even top and bottom?) Well, they'd have stone in the bot? tom, for the be? ginning , you know, of the first log. (Stone all the way along, or just at the corners?) Oh yes, all right along the wall. Yes. And they'd have a little cellar in, too. And wherever needed, they had a ditch, to carry any moisture, wa? ter, carry it away. (This ditch--was it in the cellar, or was it around the building?) Well, the cellar would be dug in the ground anyway, you know. Well, the ditch would be from the cel? lar. To keep everything dry. They could put potatoes in the cellar, put any? thing in. Of course they'd have pickets in the bottom, to keep potatoes from the soil. (What are pick? ets?) Well, poles. (The floor would be a pole floor?) Yeah, pole floor. A new, spectacular pageant. More than 1500 performers. • From Germany • The Motorcycle Display Team of The Berlin Police Force and The German Army Band #10 • From England • The Drill Team of The Royal Air Force • From Denmark • The Flying Danish Acrobats • From USA • The Quantico Band of The United States Marine Corps • From Canada • pipes and drums, military bands, choirs, dancers, gymnasts, the gun run and much more] Don't miss it! Over two hours of exciting family entertainment. Avoid long line ups. Order your tickets today. City _ Postal/Zip Code _ Postage/handling charge . $1.00/ticket upto5, then $.50/ticket Total (Canadian funds) -1 _ Alternate Date _ The Nova Scotia International Tattoo Tickets Halifax Metro Centre 5284 Duke Street Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3L2 (So they'd dig themselves some? thing of a eel-
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