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Page 24 - From Talks with Matt Minglewood

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/8/1 (317 reads)

big part of your listening experience grow? ing up. But like I say, I think the energy I liked to work with live came from people like El? vis, and Chuck Berry--these kind of guys, the rockabilly guys. But the passion that I liked to deal with definitely came from the blues guys. People like B. B. King and Freddie King, Albert--people like that. And in later years I got to meet B. B. King--he was one of my heroes that--he was even more of a hero after I met him. Whereas, in a lot of cases, it's the other way around. Some heroes you wish you'd never meet, you know, you wish you'd never met. And there's some I know that I really appreciate their music, and I don't want to meet them, be? cause I'm afraid I won't like them as peo? ple. But B. B. King was just the opposite. I adore the man. I adored his music, and after meeting him I just, I fell in love with the man. He's just a very genuine hu? man being, you know. Which, to me, is vital. So that's what we did with the Rocking Saints. I did that part (the blues), and the other singer in the band, he would do the more contemporary hit-parade stuff. We had a good combination; the band was quite popular. But then I got together with these crazy guys from Sydney--this was in North Sydney, by the way, with the Rocking Saints, al? though we played here in The Bay and in New As The Seasons -CHANGE - Fall in Nova Scotia is terrific • brilliant red and yellow hues, and the fresh feel of cool days and frosty nights. Make sure your driving skills are ready for the trip through autumn into winter. )( d Wet Leaves Are Slippery Along with the refreshing days of autumn come rainy days too. When wind and rain deposit wet leaves on asphalt, the result can be extremely slippery, Bridge Decks Freeze Early Even before there is a chance of snow, you can encounter a taste of slippery winter driving. Because they are surrounded by cool frosty air, bridge decks can be glazed at night or at dawn as early as October. Watch Out For Pedestrians Pedestrians are walking more briskly, and may be distracted by unpleasant weather conditions or preoccupied with autumn projects and activities - forgetting their safety skills. Also be watchful for seniors who may have slower reaction times when dealing with traffic. Animals Sometimes Share The Roads Too Late autumn is hunting season. Be alert to the actions of hunters along country roads and the movement of deer and moose near the road. Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter Driving Vehicle condition affects your ability to control your vehicle, and your ability to see and react to the actions of others on the road. Don't wait for the first snowfall to winterize your car. Department of Transportation and honourable Guy J LeBlar'c Communications Minister Waterford and Antigonish and places like that. But then I started hanging around with these crazy guys from Sydney called Sam Moon and New Broom. And we kept talking about going on the road. So then we decided we were going on the road, but the guys from the Rocking Saints were all pretty well tied down. They all had jobs. Well, I had one, too, as an electrician. But I was ready to give that up, and so I did. I got together with those guys and we practiced in the basement for a couple of months. We played a few shows, very few, because eve? rybody hated us. Because we're doing crazy stuff. (Your own stuff then?) Yeah--no, not real? ly. One or two songs of our own. The rest of the time we were doing obscure stuff. A lot of r-and-b, a lot of blues. (What's r- and-b?) Rhythm-and-blues--funky kind of stuff. James Brown, early James Brown stuff. Sam was doing that and I was doing bluesier stuff. We were doing crazy things like, you know, crawling around all over the floor, climbing on organs, and all sorts of insane stuff. (It wasn't popular at that time, eh?) Peo? ple thought we were nuts. As it turns back, we were! But we played a few places like the Sydney Y.M.C.A., and there was a hip crowd that kind of followed us. They had a coffeehouse in Sydney called Chesterton Ab? bey, which was quite a scandalous place. They had black lights in the place. It was the first time Cape Breton was ever intro? duced to black lighting. Of course, any piece of lint and every bra strap would show up through anything light. It was scandalous--it was on "Talk Back" for days --the place with the lights that strips the girls' clothes off. But an3rway, it was an "in" spot. People would sit in the black lights and sit cross-legged on the floor, and we would go Breton Energy Ltd. 94 Johnstone Street SYDNEY 539-4949
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