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Page 25 - From Talks with Matt Minglewood

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/8/1 (373 reads)

crazy. Actually, it was sort of interest? ing, sort of the hippie invasion of Cape Breton. So we moved, you know--our intention was to get out of here, anyway. We moved to Frede- ricton and found an agent, and we got some work around there. (Still playing the same SAM MOON MATT MINGLEWOOD kind of stuff?) Oh, yeah. Even more insane. (Were you imitating anybody or just doing your own thing?) No, we were just crazy. Being from Cape Breton was kind of an ad? vantage because we weren't bombarded by anything in the "hip" world. We were kind of isolated from everything, so we had to come up with our own idea of what was hip, you know what I mean? We had heard about James Brown but had never seen him, so we didn't really know what he did. Sam would do his own idea of what James Brown did, because we heard he did all this insane stuff --and it was no? where near it. And people started hearing about us. Agents came up from Halifax to see us playing at U.N.B. And mind you, when we hit Fredericton it was far hippier than we were. It was a university town, right, and it was our first introduction to drugs away from home, and there we were with the drugs--marijuana and hash and LSD, and everybody there, all crazy up there. They thought we were from another plan? et . They were all sitting down front whacked out on ac? id , and Sam would be parading around in shorts with "exquisite form" signs. Well, you know what Sam looks like! It was quite a party. Sam was go? ing around in cra? zy gowns with a bald head. They thought he was nuts, out to lunch. Diago was the drummer, he was sort of the backbone of all of this insanity. Based on an early poster, when Universal Power was: Gary Stanley (Diago Gunn), Joey Bennett, Rufus Drake, and Jinx O'Neil.
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