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Page 10 - We Worked for General Instruments: Part Two: The Conclusion

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1 (237 reads)

which was causing us to really cut our? selves. And we were looking for wire cut? ters, to keep them at a certain length. (Did you get those?) We did in the end, yeah. But it was only in about the last year, I think, that we did actually get them. (What was your method of fighting as a un? ion for something?) We'd go to the shop steward, and the shop steward would go to Isobel, and Isobel would go in to the gen? eral manager. And then she would come back, and she would tell what they're go? ing to do, and what they can do. A lot of times it was a sob story, you know. "They're trying to do that for you, but they can't right now. Their hands are tied." That was their favourite word: "Their hands were tied." "They had to wait and hear from head office." And, "They're still waiting on that--they haven't heard from them yet." Of course, hoping, gradu? ally, you would forget all about it. Iso? bel was pretty good. She had it written down. She didn't forget too much. (When you went there they were paying....) $1.40 when I went. But I got an extra--I don't know if it was 10 or 20 cents, for being on this testing. We got paid a bit more. (That's the QC?) No. We got paid an? other dime for that. But there were a lot * QUALITY SAME-DAY DRY CLEANING * 6 DAYS A WEEK * Vogue Cleaners Wedding Gown Cleaning & Heirlooming a Specialty Your Sign of Quality DON'T ACCEPT LESS Let our experienced staff help you with all your printing needs SPECIALISTS IN PROCESS COLOR PRINTING 562-8245 Fax:(902)539-2040 539-8666 of different wages for which department you were in. It was mostly 10 or 15 cents higher or lower. But the girls that only had to sit there and put a screw in--they were the less paid. Now with me, I guess I had to use my brain which--you know, real? ly- -they didn't. (So you started at $1.40, and 7 years lat? er, what was your pay?) I'm pretty sure it was $2.25. I'm pretty sure. (When did they leave?) '72 or '73. The government put them in and the govern? ment put them out. That's what we were told was the reason they were leaving. (Who told you that?) Bob Liebke. They had figures and facts, told us if we wanted to come in and check them, we could come in and check them. If they're going to pay this much taxes, this much to have the tuners shipped out, this much in wages, when we can put a plant (in Mexico), pay those girls 50 cents an hour. Of course, they did admit they were not interested in the wages. They would pay us our wages, you know. It was the fact of the taxes, the shipping that they were charging them. See, I guess the shipping companies also, they were going to ship their tuners, make a few extra bucks on them. I guess you'll get a lot of different opinions. (You clearly liked your job, were glad to have a job, and enjoyed the company of the people you worked with. You don't talk too much about the hardships, although there were some.) Yeah. A lot of the girls used to say, you know.... (But) we were well protected, in our line. If we READY TO SERVE ALL OF CAPE BRETON Glace Bay Book Corner 68 Main Street at Senator's Corner 849-0940 OPEN 10 A. M. till 5 P. M. (FRIDAYS till 9 P. M.) MAIL ORDERS ACCEPTED 'From the Latest to the Classics • We'll Find Any Book You Want.' 68 MAIN ST., GLACE BAY, N. S. BlA 4X9 -'' Fully Licensed ?SiS>g?a'E':5::?? • .<@>a@s??'?>3?' Restaurant WOW VAN FOO OPEN DAILY 11 A.M. to 1 A.M. FRLand SAT. till 2 A.M. SUN. till MIDNIGHT Major Credit Cards Accepted Gift Certificates * Ample Parking Oriental and Canadian Cuisine in a relaxed and elegant dining atmosphere Daily Luncheon Specials Banquet Facilities Available Take Out Orders Delivered A Warm Welcome Excellent Service and Fine Food r>460 Grand Lake Rd., Sydney 562-0088 or 539-2825
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