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Page 38 - Farmer John Eyking: The Holland Years

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1 (429 reads)

In Cape Breton. Jeanne and John Eyking's family. Front row: 1. to r.. Paul. Elizabeth. Chris. Francis. Patrick Mark. Second row. John, Peter, held by Jeanne. holding Theodore. Jean. John. because you've got (to have) lots in your stomach. (Mostly it was bread.) All bread. There was no candy or cake or pastry. And it would be rolled. I could read (the paper in the bread). There was nothing else. I'm talking about shortly after the war. (So it was rolled in a piece of news? paper.) Newspaper. There was no toilet paper then; newspaper was also in the out? house, eh? We us-ed to cut up pieces. (Let me understand: What you have done is, step by step through the winter you have SEa 'ene'' '4rUe ??/% 8- "Sifi SPAcfi 236 Townsend St., Sydney, N.S. BIP 5E8 Phone 539-4566 Limited Edition Collectors Plates & Fine Giftware dug down to bring up the third foot of soil, the vir? gin soil. And you've gone around a field step by step ?? the entire winter, making 25, 27 holes a day, to bring up that third foot and put it on top.) Do it through the winter. If it really was cold--usually there were 2 or 3 weeks really winter--then we had a break. And there was no question of work--there was skating every day. Then it was very joyful in Holland. As a matter of fact I was reading- it in a magazine, where they still do this in northern Europe. This was a thing, an activity, where everybody got involved. The ditches would be all frozen. And we could go for miles. We used to go, perhaps visit 10 or 12 villages in an af? ternoon. We put the skates on, the wooden skates--we couldn't afford skates with shoes. As a matter of fact, I never saw skates with shoes until I came here. Of course, we'd usually have a few cents, stop somewheres and have hot chocolate and a particular Dutch cake. But anyway, I'll tell you the idea about that soil. So in the spring of the year-- you would have it all pointed up a bit be? cause (otherwise) the wind would blow it away. Pointed up--you had a way of doing it, the last--I'm going too much in de? tail. (No' I want the detail. The last shovelful?) It would be good and wet. This stuff was done with a purpose. Because if you laid it just like that,the erosion of the wind would blow it--the sand, it blows. (So you were trying to kind of WE HAVE INFORMATION ON YOUR PROPERTY - AND YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT IT IS! Ne have over 20 pieces of information on every number you see on this map, and we have a number on every property in Cape Breton, Richmond, Victoria, and Inverness Counties. That means we have a number on every property in Cape Breton Island. ~ A SERVICE WORTH INVESTIGATING ~ Land Registration and Information Service Property IVIapping and Records Division 66 Wentworth Street, Sydney, N. S. B1P 6T4 CONTROL SYSTEM of concrete monuments for surveying BASE MAPS: Orthophoto for rural areas, Line Maps for cities, town, villages PROPERTY MAPS with boundary information and ownership information REGISTRY ASSISTANCE for government and private users Your Property Is Our Business • Ask Us About It TELEPHONE (902) 563-2280 or 563-2281 From BADDECK An Agency of the Council of Maritime Premiers
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