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> Issue 50 > Page 47 - Farmer John Eyking: The Holland Years

Page 47 - Farmer John Eyking: The Holland Years

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1 (271 reads)

only happens maybe once in 3 or 4 centuries. Be? cause it was a spring flood, the full moon, and a bad storm--to get the 3 to combine is one in a million, eh? The dykes couldn't hold. The spring floods are high? er, anyway. Plus full moon, and a big storm. Anyway, that was a dis? aster by itself. I was there for awhile, giving needles. I was just in the last two months of my service. I had to go give needles to the peo? ple for typhoid, things like that. So the army was put in there. So when I got that let? ter, I said. "Oh, the heck with this. I'll go to Canada." Canada was just looking for people. And it only took about 6 weeks. Especially if you were an agrarian, we called, or an agricultural person. So when I came home, I said to my father, "Well, I'm going to Canada." "What?" he said. "You're leaving? What are you leaving for?" I said, "Dad, you made the statement about a year ago, said this place was no more good, anyway. We should all leave. And I took your advice and got ready." I didn't want to tell him until I was ready. Imagine! Our children"are not like that. After I was brought up like that, I thought I'd never relate like that to my children. And he meant well. He said, "Boy, you don't need to go. We'll look after you. There's work." Things were really a lot better. 'Cause the family was helping, and Fa? ther's business was doing well. Got a few dollars in the bank, you know, he was prosperous then. This was about 8 years after the war. (Bulb business had come back.) Business was good. He was well-to- do, in a sense. (But you still didn't see something for yourself.) No. I think the main reason I "For all your insurance needs • call me and compare" HOME • BUSINESS LIFE . • TENANTS CAR . . BOAT R.R.S.P. LLOYD MOORE 539-1105 • IN WELTON Pl'AZA 288 Welton Street, Sydney, N. S. B1P 582 /instate buVe in good hands. AfarlOOyears of practice, anovemight success. Central Guaranty is more than a new name in tine financial industry. We started out over 100 years ago as well-respected regional trust companies. We grew not just through expert money management but by managing it with a good deal of human feeling. The reputation we acquired for impressive service • rather uncommon among financial institutions • was achieved by practicing something rare: learning to listen when people talked. One example of how we listened is our FeeCutter account, the first to eliminate the most aggravating fees and service charges all across Canada. Central Guaranty Trust Not just a new name, a whole ' new idea: More giving, less taking. CENTRALTf GUARANTY
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