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Page 48 - Advert: Rebuilding a Forest

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1 (917 reads)

Rebuilding a Forest The work may not be getting the headlines, but hundreds of Cape Bretoners are rebuilding a resource which their families and local industries depend on. An overmature, neglected forest which was ravaged by the spruce budworm is on the mend. With funding from federal/provincial forestry development agreements, landowners, silviculture woodsworkers and the forest industry are securing a forestry future for Cape Breton. Since many landowners lack the skill, time or means to do their own work, silviculture contractors have stepped in to help improve the productivity oflhese forest lands. In Cape Breton alone during the last 10 years, this silviculture industry has grown to the extent that 57 approved contractors now employ about 350 trained woodsworkers. These trained woodsworkers are doing important jobs, and they're doing them close to home where they count the most. Their efforts and the continued investment by the federal and provincial governments are renewing the vitality of the forest resource and are strengthening the local economy. Wi'. Approved Silviculture Contractors I J, Mac Silviculture Ltd. (John MacDonnell) Inverness 258-2208 ?? Forest Wise Consulting Service (Jim M.Richard) Cleveland 345-2219 ?? Smithville Forestry and Sawmill Ltd. (Keith Smith) Mabou 945-2595 ?? B.A.Fraser Lumber (David Fraser) Margaree Valley 248-2307 ?? MacNeil Silviculture Contracting Ltd. (Wm. G. MacNeil) Mabou 945-2391 ?? CM. Gillis Trucking Ltd. (MacGillis) se Forks 248-2346 I Lake Ainslie Silviculture Co. Ltd. (M. Fraser. R. MacLellan, D. MacKinnon) Inverness 258-2497 I Evergreen Fields Lumber Co-op (Bob Glaze) Orangedale 756-2046 I Kenneth E. Fraser Construction Ltd. Margaree Centre 248-2456 I R.L.Cotton Lumber Ltd. (Daniel Cotton) Judique 787-2780 I Colin M.Ross Silviculture Ltd. Margaree Valley 248-2342 I Hazeldale Milling and Trucking Ltd. (Wayne MacKenzie) Little Narrows 756-3483 I St. Ann's Silviculture (Dan Robinson) Jersey Cove 929-2382 ?? Forest Land Development Services Ltd. (Walter Hanam) Baddeck 295-2315 ?? Bonnieview Farms Ltd. (Frank Reid) Baddeck 295-2795 ?? Central Cape Breton Forestry Services Ltd. (James A. Redden) Christmas Island 622-2232 Cape Breton County ?? Rudderham's Hardwood and Light Dozing (Thomas H.Rudderham) Marion Bridge 737-2886 ?? Big Glen Forestry (Bruce MacDonald) Sydney 539-4313 ?? Robert McNeil Bras d'Or 736-9025 ?? Softec Forest Services (B. Munn, B. Sweeney, R. Rankin) Sydney 562-7965 ?? Lily Lake Farming and Forestry (Blaise T. MacLeod) Marion Bridge 727-2669 ?? W.D. Preshyon Woods Contractor and Silviculture (Walter Preshyon) Marion Bridge 727-2242 ?? Jesse Wm. Reid Marion Bridge 727-2965 I D.J. Denny Trucking (Douglas Denny) Eskasoni 379-2961 I Brian Spencer Marion Bridge 562-2226 I Mira Forestry Development Ltd. (Gary Reginato) Marion Bridge 562-4171 I AtlanticrattLtd. (Richard Steei) Marion Bridge 727-2981 I Maclntyre Woodlot Products (Duncan Maclntyre) Marion Bridge 727-2293 I M.P. Pulp Ltd. (Harry Huntington) Marion Bridge 727-2308 I Riverside Pulp Co. Ltd. (Angus R. MacDonald) Marion Bridge 562-6124 I Shelterwood Forest Developmem Ltd. (Ronald Bereta) North Sydney 539-4450 I John L. Reginato Pulp Co. Ltd. (Lawrence Reginato) Marion Bridge 562-6210 I Gilbert Oravecz Marion Bridge 727-2016 I Forest Insight Ltd. (Stephen Read) Marion Bridge 727-2486 I BudMassiah Albert Bridge 562-1010 I D.R.Ferguson Lumber Ltd. (Don Ferguson) Marion Bridge 562-2222 I Leonard Martell Enterprises (Leonard Martell) L'Ardoise 587-2413 I Mack Maritime Ltd. (Gordon MacVicar) Sydney 564-6884 I John Kowalczyk Sydney Forks 562-2463 I D&VMaclntyre; Investments Ltd. (Daniel v. Maclntyre) Coxheath 539-0553 I SilviconLtd. (Allan Bray) Glace Bay 849-1794 I Broughton Hardwood Fuel Co. Ltd. (Leonard Dean) PortMorien 737-5140 I Fowlie's Forest Farming (Wayne E. Fowlie) Port Hawkesbury 625-31 I D.Terry Burns Forestry West Bay 345-2896 I Alex MacLeod Contracting Lower L'Ardoise 587-2200 I Maritime Forest Consultants (Darrell Sampson) Port Hawkesbury 625-1543 I General Trucking Ltd. (Ian MacLeod) Grand River 587-2264 I Green Trees Forest Management Ltd. (Pauline MacDonald) Lower L'Ardoise 587-2601 I Richmond Silviculture Contracting Ltd. (Gerard Bennet) L'Ardoise 587-2797 Nova Scotia 'i?i' Department of Lands and Forests
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