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Page 57 - A Guide to Issues 1 to 50 of Cape Breton's Magazine

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1 (153 reads)

Micmac Ben Christmas: Chants and Customs 25/9 Celestial Bear, a Micmac Legend, The 3/10 Father Maillard at a Micmac Feast, 1758 16/33 First Priest and the Indians, The 8/ 14 Four Lives of the Micmac Copper Pot, The 24/15 Frank Doucette on Micmac Ruggedness 23/12 "Gluskap's Journey" and a Masto? don Bone 9/31 Grand Captain Alex Denny, A Talk with 40/45 How Glooskap Found Summer 5/ 24 Indian Turned into a Chenoo, An 26/40 Introduction to Micmac Hieroglyphics 47/55 Lee Cremo Speaks 1/3 Making a Micmac Basket 2/3 Micmac Birch-bark Canoe, The 10/ BC Micmac Legend of Taken-from- Guts, The 11/19 Micmac Tale, A: "The Magical Dancing-Doll" 34/27 Micmac Tale: "Magic Plight," A 41/ 60 Micmac Tales about Badger 13/20 Noel Morris's Encounter with the Devil 36/43 Rita Joe Tells the Legend of Mud- Lane 19/IFC Ruth Whitehead's Micmac Album, From 50/92 Sam Glode: Travels of a Micmac 35/21 St. Ann's Day Mission, Chapel Island 40/31 Story of the Micmac Chief, UIgimoo, A 28/37 "The Man Who Married the Beaver" 43/67 Two Micmac Tales 12/22 Waltes, an Ancient Micmac Game 6/9 Wilfred Prosper, Eskasoni, A Visit with 38/IFC Natural History Apples of Inverness County 4/14 August Birds in Cape Breton, 1893 49/35 Breeding Behaviour of the Grey Seal off the Coast of CB 1/2 Canada Lynx, The 2/1 Cougar on Cape Breton, The 2/19 Dave Algar Talks about Beaver 15/13 Earthquake, The 1929: Two Memories 50/27 Edible Wild Berries of Cape Breton 8/1 FC Flowers of the Plaster Rock 36/45 Great Falls on Indian Brook, 1890, The 8/22 John Erskine: "Under the Forest" 33/49 Life History of the Northern Bald Eagle, A 6/BC Life History of the Swordfish, A 4/ 5 Life of a Raised Bog, The 12/9 Life of the Atlantic Cod, The 13/13 Life of the Eel, The 3/16 Life of the Great Blue Heron 17/ IFC Life of the Lobster, The 7/BC Meteorite that Shaped Cape Breton, The 22/17 Moose, a Cape Breton Extinction 10/17 More about the Lobster 8/16 Moths and Butterflies of Cape Breton 19/21 On the Banding of Eagles 31/BC Planning a Vegetable Garden 3/7 Regarding the Birds of Bird Islands 26/48 Survival Kit, Compass and Topo? graphic Map 4/10 Trails out of Meat Cove 4/7 Whales in Cape Breton's Waters, The 16/18 Who Ate What in the Maritimes 21/ 36 Wlidflowers of Cape Breton 1/IFC Fishing Billy James MacNamara of Evanston 49/55 Cape Breton's MAGAZINE emembering the "Judique Flyer lien GwInn and Horse Racing on tfie Ice ewEnglanders Take Louisbourg, 1745 ila Joe Tells a Legend of Mud-Lane oths and Butterflies of Cape Breton ?o Stories from H. L. Livingstone Gaelic Tale of tfieMlky Way to Story of the Chetlcannp Rug Number Nineteen Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Lobster Canning Factories around Cape Breton A Visit with Willy Pal Fitzgerald North Sydney Harbour Tragedy, 1874 Alexander Munro, Early Boular - Wreck of the "Astrea": a Survivor's Report Marguerite Gallant • Stories and Songs Ferries In the Strait of Canso Number Twenty Bob Fitzgerald and the Big Fish 28/39 Bowden Murphy: 24 Years Split? ting Fish 34/IFC "But we went out after mack? erel...!" 47/39 Fishing Gaspereaux on the Southwest Margaree 14/4 Guiding for Salmon on the Margaree 26/1 Joseph D. Samson of Petit-de- Grat 43/73 Lobster Fishing with Johnny Maclnnes 23/40 Poaching for Salmon on the Margaree 28/25 Pushing Off at Wreck Cove Shore 25/23 Robin Stuart, Salmon Farmer 41/ 30 Smelt Fishing on the North River Ice 40/67 Steve Whitty, Ingonish Beach, A Visit with 36/64 This Was Swordfishing 4/1 Tius Tutty, Codfish and Handpick Mining 8/5 Trap-Fishing with Mike MacDougall 17/1 Wilfred Poirier, Lobster Buyer, With 33/53 Wishie Rose: From 50 Years at Sea 29/1 Industrial History Alex John Boudreau, Cheticamp Island, With 32/1 Art Langley, Sr., A Visit with 22/37 Berthing of Supertankers, The 6/ 1 Bowden Murphy: A Brief Tale 42/ IFC Brown's Eariy History of the Coal Trade 35/31 Building the Grand Narrows Bridge 23/15 C. M. (Clem) Anson and Steel 28/ 43 Cape Breton Miners Speaking, 1888 46/54 Coming of the Trade Union Act (1937), The 23/33 Dan Alex MacLeod: a Wori
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