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Page 60 - A Guide to Issues 1 to 50 of Cape Breton's Magazine

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1 (218 reads)

Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Old Tales of Sorcery Remembered A Tali( about George LeBrun With Mabel Louise Oubbin. V. O. N. A Visit with Bill Daye, Painter James 0. Gillis: A Little Sketch of My Life Fragments from Mining at Gold Brool< Starting with Our Cover Photograph... Number Thirty Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Serving on the Mine Rescue Team A Visit with Janle Nicholson, Baddeck European Impact on the Micmac Culture Walter Dugas and His Fence, Arichat Ouest 5 Strays from Our First 10 Years On the Banding of Eagles Shipwrecks on the Fourchu-Framboise Coast Number Thirty-One Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Alex John Boudreau, C Bill Daye: Stories for Susie Cartier and the Cape Breton Shore Local Sea Serpents: 3 Reports Leslie Shedden, Glace Bay Photographer A Letter from Big Bras dOr, 1830 Horses in the Coal Mines Number Thirty-Two Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Cape Bretoners in World War One Art Severance: A Tale from Tnjthful Paul Capt. Holland's Plan for Cape Breton, 1767 Joseph D. Samson: 'Guillaume Sans Peur* Capt. DavM A. McLeod: My Early Years John Erskine: "Under the ForesT With Wilfred Poirier, Lobster Buyer Nun*er Thirty-Ttm Gillis, Angus J. 37/54 Gillis, James D. 30/37 Gillis, John Joseph 7/4 Gillis, Katie Margaret 37/60, 38/1 Gillis, Lauchie C. 6/13 Gk>de,Abram 12/22 Glode, Sam 35/21 GoW, Sarah M. 38/22 Goldman, Alex 11/12 Gomes, Capt. Stephen 45/29 Googoo, Ellen 2/3 Googoo, Isabel Morris 41/60 Gordon, Eddie 16/45 Gougou, Peter 50/95 Gouthro, Bert 32/39 Goyetche, Maria 44/47 Graham, Alison 44/79 Green, Capt. Claude 45/26 Green, Chariie 13/35 Green, Mrs. Nate 18/42 Green, Nate 18/42 Green, Sol 11/13 Grosvenor, Dr. Melville 21/27 Gwinn, Allen 19/15 Gwinn, Sarah 5/17 Gwinn, Wilson 5/17 Hach6, Marcellin 11/IFC, 25/26, 27/28, 29/29 Hach6, Michel 11/IFC Hagar, Stansbury 12/22 Haliburton, Thomas C. 50/94 Hamm, George 7/5 Hannigan, Jimmy 26/5, 31/38 Hardy, John 31/8 Hardy, Samuel 11/1 Hareguy, Darlene 49/73, 50/7 Harris, Dave 26/48,31/BC Hart, Elwood 28/25 Hart. John 15/16 Hart. Lee 15/19 Hart. Lew 15/17 Hart. Mary 26/12 Hart. Mrs. Elwood 28/26 Harvey, D.C.11/28 Hatcher, Jack 10/23 Hawco, Mary 50/20 Hedden, George 46/BC Henrich. Kay 37/1 Hermann. George 32/22 Herrick, Francis Hobart 7/BC Hewson, John 47/55 Hines, Jimmy 27/12 Hinkley, Jack Sam 15/3.16/1, 29/ 19 Hinkley, Willard 29/17 Hoffman, Bernard 21/36 Hogan, Con 21/5 Holland, Jerry 48/15 Hollett, Henry 14/26 Hollohan, Selina 37/1 Horton, Marian 26/44 Howard, Sidney 26/1 FC Howatt, Helen 9/21 Hubbard, Robert 12/2 Hull, Bud 39/20 Huntley, Alex 6/3 Hutchinson, Rosemary 1/8 Ingraham, Jack 1/11.4/1 In/ine, Duncan 16/17 Jackson, Elva E. 20/29, 34/45, 37/41 Jackson, Frank E. 34/37 Jerome, Chief Nicholas 43/67 Joe, John 9/31, 13/20 Joe, Rita 19/IFC Johnston, A. J. B. 36/31, 48/59 Johnston, Elsa 44/5 Julian, Joe 9/31,13/20 Kaiser. Laurie 20/7 Kanne. Mat 4/10 Kehoe, Gordon 44/31 Kelly, Mary 37/1 Kendall, Helen 34/6 Kendall, Wally 6/15 Kerr, Alexander 24/38 Kerr, Dan Angus 7/21 Knight, John 44/70 Kokocki, Lynette 44/11 Kosick, Chariene 49/BC Kuusisto, Kathy Moggridge 31/15 Kyte, Jean 41/55 LaBelle, Ronald 44/47 Laben, Joe 16/8 Laben, Mary 16/12 Lalemant, Fr. Gabriel 42/64 Lamb, Anna 25/1 Langley, Sr., Art 22/37, 25/IFC Langley, Thomas R. 33/13 Larade, Jean Phillip 30/4 Lashley, Clarence 18/1 Lashley, Mary 18/1 Leach, MacEdward 50/IFC LeBlanc, Yvon 34/49 LeBoutillier, Hert)ert 30/15 LeFort, Gwen 35/47 LeFriend, Walter 13/6 Leigh, Charies 50/92 LeLievre, Annie J. 34/32 LeLievre, Ulysses 8/18 LescartDot, Marc 50/93 Levy, Ed 41/57 Lewis, David B. 44/29 Lewis, Eva 44/45 Liebke, Bob 49/78, 50/22 Livingstone, H. L. 18/22, 19/28, 33/1,34/14 MacAskill, Danny 16/43 MacCormick, Doug 28/12 MacDermid, Catherine 15/28 MacDermid, Dannie 48/54 MacDonald, Allan the Ridge 38/37 MacDonald, Ann 6/15 MacDonald, Archie 32/40 MacDonald, Colin 31/55 MacDonald, Colleen 44/81 MacDonald, Danny Dancer 3/4 MacDonald, Donald 45/42 MacDonald, Donald Garrett 4/17, 7/22 MacDonald, Dr. Austin 39/1, 40/ 13 MacDonald, Ethel 34/7 MacDonald, Hilda 12/14, 34/1 MacDonald, John "the Cook" 9/ IFC, 34/32 MacDonald, John Alex John X. 181 45, 20/5, 21/39, 27/45 MacDonald, John Colin 20/14 MacDonald, John D. 25/13 MacDonald, Johnny "Butch" 36/1 MacDonald, Johnny 15/7 MacDonald, Johnny Allan 48/1, 48/71 MacDonald, Kay 13/38 MacDonald, Kerri 44/80 MacDonald, Margaret 25/1 MacDonald, Marie 39/4, 40/19 MacDonald, Neil R. 8/12 Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Yvon LeBlanc Architect, Fortress of Louisbourg Bowden Murphy: 24 Years Splitting Fish A Micnnac Tale: "The Magk??l Dancing-Doir Bill Fraser, Superintendent R. C. M. P.. Rtd. WorU War One Continues: Nursing-Sisters, the Halifax Explosion, Sberia. & Coming Home With Frank E. Jackson of North Sydney Nurrlber Thirty-Four Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Hattie Carmtehael of the M Dan Alex MacLeod: "I Moved Houses- Sam Glode: Travels of a Micmac Brown's 'Early History of the Coal Trade- Old Cures from Sandy MacLean Gwen LeFort, War Bride in Worid War One A Visit with Dave Epstein Nun*er Thirty-Five Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Travels with Johnny 'Butch* MacOonakI A Tourist in Louisbourg, 1858 With Karoline Siepierski, Whitney Pier Rolling Balls of Yam Noel Morris's Encounter with the Devil Flowers of the Plaster Rock A Gaelic Story by ArchibaM J. MacKenzie 'Early History of the Coal Trade,' Part Two A Visit with Steve Whitty, Ingonish Beach Cape Breton's MAGAZINE '' Women in the Steel Plant, Work) War Two Rose Grant Young, Crane Operator Harry Albert Builey: AccWents Averted From 'Company Town' to 'Labour Town' Dan MacNeil and the Devil, 1928 , 'Granny Ross" by Elva E. Jackson ' Water Divining: Angus J. Gillis, Mabou Harbou Number Thlrty-Sw |
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