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Page 61 - A Guide to Issues 1 to 50 of Cape Breton's Magazine

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1 (205 reads)

Cape Breton's MAGAZINE ie Margaret Gillis, Mabou Coal Mines U with Wilfred Prosper, Eskasoni kxial Worlter Visits Cape Breton, 1925 m-Mlke MacDougall's Tape lor Fr. Hector" ??. W. DesBarres's Plans for Sydney, 1785 in the Ridge MacDonald. Gaelic Poet Forlirlgger and Coastal Schooners Number Thirty-Eight Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Dr. Austin MacDonald, Down North The Steel Boom Comes to Sydney, 1899 Searching for "DonakJ from Bras d'Or" Mary MacMillan at Ben Eoin Joseph 0. Samson Tells an Old Tale Adventures of Capt. Davk) A. McLeod FWdie Tunes: Winston 'Scotty' Fitzgerald Mary Sarah MacNeil Remembers Long Island Number Thirty-Nine Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Smelt Fishing on the North River Ice With Lottie Morrison from Gabarus Dr. Austin MacDonakJ, Part Two: How We Got the Hospital Down North Fr. Jimmy Tompkins Speaking, 1938. St. Ann's Day MIsston, Chapel Island A Talk with Grand Captain Alex Denny Tales from Rory MacKinnon, Sugar Loaf Alexander Graham Bell Dies at Baddeck Johnny Wilmot: Talk and'Tunes Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Dan Alex MacLeod: A Woriung Life Searching for Cape Breton Folk Songs With Josie and Jim MacNeil, Big Pond The Eariy History of St. Ann's (Englishtown) Robin Stuart, Salmon Farmer A Micnnac Tale: 'Magk: Flighr Dlary: Mary Smith of Smithville, 1890-92 From "Cape Breton Fiddlers on Eariy LPs' Louisbourg Fishermen Rescue U. S. Seamen, 1942 Nurrter Forty-One tacDonald, Nomian 42/51 lacDonald, Ralph 36/9 lacDonald, Rev. Chariie 22/IFC lacDonald, Roddy Hector 11/22, 18/7,36/40 lacDonald, Sadie 8/12 lacDonald, Sarah 15/7 lacDonald, Sheila L. 37/54 lacDonald, Terry 43/IFC lacDonald, Tommy Peggy 5/21, 21/42, 27/45, 47/11 lacDonnell, Hughie Dan 13/IFC, 21/13 lacDougall, Mary Ann 23/1, 29/ IFC lacDougall, Mike 17/1, 23/1, 38/ 17 acEachern, George 22/4, 23/33, 45/IFC acFadyen, A. D. 22/BC acFadyen, Tina 22/26 acGillivray, Allister 29/35 acGillivray, Don 45/IFC acGregor, Gordon 3/3,8/9 acGregor, Rev. James 49/49 aclnnes, Johnny 23/40 aclnnis, Huey G. 5/9 aclnnis, Memll 47/39 aclntyre, Archie 3/4 aclntyre, Eric 44/91 aclntyre, Lawrence 44/81 aclsaac, Hughie Dan 19/1 acKay, Dan 22/1 acKay, George 8/1 acKay, Henry 21/3 acKenzie, Archibald J. 36/IFC acKenzie, Duncan 26/12 MacKenzie, Harry 25/43 MacKenzie, Kenneth 26/12, 27/ IFC MacKenzie, Milton 11/5, 13/39 MacKinnon. Alex 19/3 MacKinnon, Alex Dan 17/9 MacKinnon, Dan F. 28/1 MacKinnon, Dan M. 15/30 MacKinnon, Hugh 9/21 MacKinnon, Neil 19/9 MacKinnon, Neil A. 44/BC MacKinnon, Neil J. 31/61 MacKinnon, Rory 40/IFC MacLean, Alex D. 42/29 MacLean, Capt. Harry C. 2/6 MacLean, Joe Allan 10/13 MacLean, Michael 15/23,31/37 MacLean, R. A. 34/21 MacLean, Sandy 35/IFC MacLean, Sara 16/13 MacLellan, Lauchie 23/18 MacLellan, Marie 42/33 MacLellan, Vincent 19/7 MacLennan, D. N. 17/17, 17/24 MacLennan, John A. "Wild Archie" 9/18 MacLennan. Sandy 44/25 MacLeod, Alistair 42/12 MacLeod, Annie 48/35 MacLeod, Annie Mae 48/40 MacLeod, Bessie 12/1 MacLeod, Buddy 2/19 MacLeod, Dan Alex 35/13, 41/1 MacLeod, Dan Nonnah 31/10 MacLeod, Donald 46/29 MacLeod, Duncan 13/28 MacLeod, Janie 13/4 MacLeod, John R. 12/1, 17/14 MacLeod, Ken 33/7, 34/7 MacLeod, Malcolm 7/7,15/5 MacLeod, Mary K. 35/11 MacLeod, Roddy 30/41 MacMillan, Dr. C.L 2/19 MacMillan, Mary 39/IFC MacMillan, Roddy 8/2 MacMullin, Donald John 10/IFC MacNamara, Billy James 17/46, 49/45, 50/27 MacNamara, Clara 49/45 MacNeil, Beatrice T. 39/23 MacNeil, Charlie 17/13 MacNeil, Dan 6/IFC, 37/IFC MacNeil, Honey 15/29 MacNeil, Jim 28/34, 41/IFC MacNeil, Joe Neil 1/10,4/IFC, 5/ 20, 16/24, 17/15, 17/30, 19/31, 22/30, 44/65, 50/84 MacNeil, John Angus 33/5, 34/13 MacNeil, John Dan 47/45 MacNeil, Josie 28/34, 41/IFC MacNeil, Mary Roddy 15/29 MacNeil, Mary Sarah 39/74 MacNeil, Mickey 47/46 MacNeil, Rita 27/22 MacNeil, Stephen W. 28/IFC MacPhee, Annie 12/2, 13/9 MacPhee, Doug 43/31 MacPhee, Melvini 6/IFC MacQuarrie, Dan E. 30/41,33/2, 34/16 MacQueen, Margaret Martell 45/ 44 MacRae, Frank 46/63 MacRae, Georgie H. 30/41 MacRae, Margaret 46/64 Maga, Rudi 22/27 Maillard, Fr. 16/33,50/94 Marchand, Jocelyne 26/13, 31/ IFC Mariyed Unkm in 1931' Dawn Fraser, Writer: Selectk>ns With Fr. John Angus Rankin, Glendale (with Tunes from the Glendale Festhfals of 1973 a 1975) Anne Morrel, Matgaiaa Vaiey: 'Seasons ol My Life' Number Foity-Flve
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