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Page 62 - A Guide to Issues 1 to 50 of Cape Breton's Magazine

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1 (266 reads)

Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Cape Breton's MAGAZINE with Winston 'Scotty* Fltzgerakf, Fiddler (and Tunes from "House Parties and 78s") William Harris • Architect of Broughton Gloomy Memories by Donak) MacLeod (Eyewitness to the Highland Clearances) Caribou Ferry Sinking, and Grandmere: 1942 Seal Hunting out of Cheticanv Cape Breton Miners Speaking, 1888 Alex Gillis and the Big Sleigh A Visit wl Austin Roberts' Second Worki War Art Severance Remembers "Bumr John (with Tunes in Bagpipe Notation) A Visit with Nan Morrison, Baddeck "But we went out after mackerel...l" Two Tales in Gaelic and English (from John Dan MacNeil & Mk:key MacNeiO Mary Ryan: a Woman's Account introducten to Mcmac Hien>giyphics With Dan Angus Beaton of Blackstone Signing Your Life Away, Number One Number Forty-Seven Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Johnny Allan MacDonald of Enon Jer7 Holland: Fathers and Son, with Fiddle Tunes Transcrbed by Paul Cranford Aunt Annie MacLeod, Wreck Cove Before the Loyalists: the Acadians In the Sydney Area, 1749-1754 SW TImmons Tells Pit Stories Searching for the Pioneer Log House Kieran Ballah Remembers M. J. Number Forty-Eight Cape Breton's MAGAZINE We Wortted for General Instruments: Dariene Hareguy, Bob Liebke, Roy Burchell, Marie Duguid, Isobel Cooper Stories from the Clyburn Valley August Birds of Cape Breton, 1893 Lillian Crewe Walsh: "Story of Dicky Melbourne' A Missionary Trek in Cape Breton 3 Cape Breton Acadian Folksongs Billy James MacNamara of Evanston From Talks with Matt Minglewood Number Forty-Wii Morris, Noel 36/43 Morrison, Annie Margaret 20/2 Morrison. Audie 14/22 Morrison, D. J. 20/1 Morrison, Dan Murdock 1/5,18/7 Morrison, Daniel K. 13/1 Morrison. Duncan 7/7 Morrison, George 15/23 Morrison. Lottie 40/1 Morrison. M. D. 42/41 Morrison. Maisie 3/13 Morrison, Nan 47/1 Morrison, Sandy Kenny 7/8, 27/ 47 Murphy, Bowden 34/IFC, 42/IFC Murphy, Johnny 7/2. 18/18. 31/ 37 Murphy, Peter Willy 15/IFC, 18/38 Murphy, Rita 14/1 Murphy. Rory 14/1 Naish. Gordon 42/17 Nash. Dr. Ron 14/13 Neptune. Noel 5/24 Neville. Abbie 44/27 Neville, Donna Rankin 45/7 Newel, John 50/95 Newell, Mary Doucet 50/92 Newton, Pam 39/IFC, 44/BC, 48/ 75 Nicholson, Jack 5/13 Nicholson, Janie 31/15 Northen, Cindy 44/79 O'Hare, Lexie 42/1.43/57 O'Neil, Eva 25/31 O'Neil, Leonard 25/31 O'Sullivan, Jerome R. 20/38 Oleschuk, Mike 27/1 Osmond, Eddie 12/28 Pacitique, Rev. Fr. R. P. 41/24 Paglicia, Roy 12/26 Paquin, Christiana 23/IFC Pari
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