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Page 107 - With John J. and Sadie Theriault

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1 (147 reads)

all that meat out and put them in a little pan. That was hard work. 'Cause your hands--cracking them, you had your hands all cut. With the knuckles on the lob? sters, your hands would be all cut up. (And was this in cold water you'd be doing this?) Yes. Cold water. Yeah. (So now, you come home in the evening. You bring down drinking water. What would you have for supper usually? What would you eat for the meal?) Oh, we always had lots of good stuff to eat. That's one thing he'd always see, that there was lots of stuff in the house to eat. Nobody got hun? gry. Nobody was ever hungry. Piles of po? tatoes and fish. And in the fall we'd have a pig to kill, and we'd have a cow or an ox or something to kill--our own beef, and a big pig. And a sheep--we had a whole sheep. We always had piles to eat. That's one thing he'd see. .(Did you have to participate in the butch? ering? Would you have anything to do with that?) No, no, no. The other men used to come and help him. That's the way the men used to do. In the fall, whenever they had an animal to kill, one would go back and forth to the other, to help them kill. John; But I've been living here since I was 7 years old. I'm going on 92 now. And I don't know--I can't remember--a soul on this shore from White Point to South Har? bour that ever went hungry. We never had to get relief. Any more than--go to the store and buy the stuff--they might be a little short of money.... But they,were never hungry. Sadie: No, that's one thing would never-- nobody was ever hungry. Nobody was ever hungry. My father was a good provider. He looked after everything. When he died, he had money in the bank, after rearing all those children. Yeah, he was a good provider. ASHBY MEDICAL SUPPLY We Rent, Sell & Repair Hospital Equipment: wheelchairs, commode chairs, walkers, beds, canes (WALTER'S RENTALS) 4 SHERIFF AVE., SYDNEY (539-9616) e farmers G>operative Dairy Limited A Complete Line of Dairy & Juice Products ?? MilK ?? Spreads ?? Ice Cream ?? Juices ?? Yogourt ?? Long Life ?? Cheese Produds Fanners Co-operative Dairy Limited Sydport, Sydney ' 562-2434 Owned by Nova Scotian Fanners (So this would be the go, right through the fishing season, and right into the fall.) Right to the fall, yeah. (Now, would you go back as a group, to go home to South Harbour?) Oh yeah, go back. We'd --there'd be 2 or 3 of us walk up with the cattle. We'd take the cows up. the sheep up, from White Point. We'd take them down to White Point and put them down at--we'd call The Hill. We'd put them in pasture down there for the summer. (Is that beyond Boutiliers* Music Shops Cape Breton's Newest Locally-Owned Musical Outlet Dealers for SAMICK Pianos FENDER & WASHBURN Guitars AKAI Synthesizers We sell a complete line of top quality musical instruments and accessories. Visit our showroom and try the products for yourself. You will like the variety and price. Layaway plan available. No interest for 2 months. ~ We're Open Monday through Saturday Music Keyboards Guitars Reeds Horns Violins Bagpipes Chanters All Supplies Cape Breton Shopping Centre 39 Keltic Drive, Sydney River, N. S. B1S1P4 562-0018 'We're people you can talk to" 107
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