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Page 108 - With John J. and Sadie Theriault

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1 (148 reads)

the cemetery?) Down there by the cemetery. And there was a fence there then. And we'd put all the cattle in there for the sum? mer. Then in the morning we'd go down there and we'd milk them. Carry the milk home. Then in the evening we'd go back again and milk them. Carry the milk home. And in the fall, time to come home, take them home--we'd take--3 or 4 of us would take the cattle. Well, only, at that time, maybe there'd be 3 or 4 families moving home the same day, eh? Well, we'd all take the cattle in a row, to take them home, see. They'd walk up, the road, the cattle and the sheep. We didn't have to put a rope on them at all. Had bells on them. Big bells on the cows' necks. (Did they have a word for this moving back and forth from the one home to the other?) Oh, yes. (What would they call that?) Well, the word that I can remember--my fa? ther would say to my uncle--that would be Uncle John. He'd say, "John, are you going to move tomorrow?" And Uncle John would say, "Yes, if it's fine in the harbour. If we can get out of the harbour--it's not BATTERED WOMEN ... AND YOUR CHILDREN. IF YOU NEED HELP, CALL: 53 9-2 9 45 TRANSITION HOUSE INTRODUCING SOMIA FROM HYUNDAI MORE POWER THAN ANY CAR IN ITS CLASS! 2.4 L. OF OVERHEAD CAM POWER • BIGGER THAN HONDA ACCORD, TOYOTA CAMRY OR MAZDA 626 MORE ROOM MORE HEAD ROOM, MORE SHOULDER ROOM, & MORE LEG ROOM. IN FACT, OVER 10 CU. FT. LARGER THAN MOST COMPETITORS too rough on the harbour--we'd be moving." "All right. We'll move together." So maybe there'd be 10 or 11 boats going out of the harbour at one time. Everybody'd move at the same day. John: They all got together, maybe a week or two weeks before they moved. All got together and they'd plan on a certain day, when it was fine, they'd move. They had to come out the lower channel, South Harbour, see--down to White Point in a boat. It had to be fine and calm on the shore before they could move. 'Cause they had to take their beds and everything with them. Sadie: There were certain times, see, the tide rises. The tide would rise in the channel at a certain time. (Oh, to get out of the harbour there.) Yeah, to come out to South Harbour. So they'd have to watch the tide, and whenever the tide was.... John: Yeah, they'd have everything planned. Sadie: It was fun, though. It was fun. John: It's not going on now. There's nobody in that line now. All those people in South Harbour are gone now. Sadie: There were the happy days. Those were happy days, yeah. Because everyone was together at White Point. The little houses were right--you'd step out of one door and step in the other. When they'd move to White Point, the houses were just like that. You'd step from one door to the other. And everybody used to help. Today-- my nephew('s wife) up here, I shook hands with her about a week ago at bingo-- it's that long since I saw her. And she's only two doors away from me. John: You just could get be? tween the houses to paint them-- that's all the room there was.... Just room enough to paint between the houses--to paint both sides.... Settle for more. 34 STATE STREET SYDNEY, NOVA SCOTIA 539-471 1 P.O. BOX 728 B1P6H7 ''' -r. ?? ?? Mary Birowifs I'ed Chicken King Street Welton Street Kings Road North Sydney Sydney Sydney River EAT IN & DRIVE THRU & HOME DELIVERY 794-4410 EAT IN & DRIVE THRU & HOME DELIVERY 562-8200 EAT IN & HOME DELIVERY 562-0739 Mary Brown has the best 1' in town.
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