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Page 30 - Donald John MacMullin with Malcolm Campbell

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1975/3/31 (580 reads)

coffin on my wagon. And nobody ever heard tell of anybody seeing that. You'd see an odd one but there would be hundreds of things happening no one would see anything about. You would have seen a forerunner about that because it would have made a lot of stir • the hearse come out from Sydney and they got stuck in the bog there • the fellow that was driving had to walk out to Hayes to tell them about it. I had an express wagon and went out a bunch of us with lanterns, and this was of course the empty casket they were taking out to the house. And the next day I took the remains in to the Meadows schoolhouse and they met us with the hearse. But nobody ever saw a thing. The only thing I could connect with that • a week before she died Mary Hayes was over at our house. She walked of course. The road was bad. It was in the spring and it was muddy. And I said I*'d drive her home and I drove her to the gate. I was gonna help her out of the wagon and I just caught her and put her down • and honest to God she wasn't any heavier than that bottle of beer. I was surprised. It bothered me afterward. She was a small woman but she had a big coat on her and she wore her clothes down to her ankles in the old-fashioned way • but I couldn't get over it, how light she was. But then the following week she was dead. Donald John: Of course you know, on the Mira River, I don't know who was drowned. They had to come in and get the gear for digging. There was lights around the water. And there was lights seen coming to the barn. That light was getting the gear ready, I was walking and the light turned. The light came down to the end of the lake and it turned and it made a little noise, made a noise when it switched at the end of the lake and I was about 30 feet from the road. I heard a swish. Malcolm: I was walking out from Sydney one evening in the fall of the year. I got a drive out to the end of Woodbine Road and I started walking. I was coming up just to what they call The Barren there between our place and Ferguson • and this light shined on the road like cars at that time shined on the road like cars at that time. Peter MacKinnon, he had an old Model T Ford • and gosh I thought that was him and I stepped to the side of the road. And I could hear this little rumble, like a motor. If I stayed there yet, there was nothing pass me. So I just kept on walking home. But John Archie Campbell and Hughie Ferguson were coming out from Sydney with a Reuben McEvoy's General Store Ltd. We Specialize in Camping Equipment INGONISH BEACH and Clothing of All Kinds Open all year as well as Hardware, Plumbing and at the entrance to the beautiful Electrical Supplies Cape Breton Highlands National Park #~' .'' NEWS % %. ' A- 'ovJ"d Cot, CBITTELEVISION Channels 2,5,7,8,10,12, and 13 in Cape Breton CBC HAS HALL CBI RADIO 1140 on your Dial in Cape Breton
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