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Page 82 - A Talk with Dominic Nardocchio

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/1/1 (198 reads)

Join the Team... If YouVe Got the Stuff, We've Got the Life! THE CANADIAN COAST GUARD COLLEGE "A Umited number of men and women are accepted each year for demanding programs in navigation and marine engineering. The Canadian Con<;t Guard College four-year program is tough, but it pays off wiuiacolourful career. • Free tuition, school expenses paid, and a training allowance. • Guaranteed employment in your field after graduation. • Valuable, practical experience while attending college. • Modem private rooms, equipment and facilities for academic, physical and social activities. THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFE TIME! Joignez-Vous a Notre Equipe... Nous Sommes La Pour Vous! LE COLLEGE DE LA GARDE COTIERE CANADIENNE Un certain nombre d'hommes et de femmes sont re'us chaque an- nee a nos programmes de navigation et de mecanique maritime. Les quatre annees de formation au College de la Garde cotiere canadienne exigent beaucoup mais assurent une carriere sans pareil. • Aucun frais de scolarite, depenses reliees a la formation toutes payees et allocation. • Emploi garanti dans le domaine d'etudes. • Experience pratique et avantageuse pendant le sejour au College. • Chambres privees, equipement et installations des plus mod- emes pour les activites scolaires, sportives et sociales. UNE EXPERIENCE INOUBLIABLE! Additional information is available from Registrar Coast Guard College P. O. Box 3000 Sydney, Nova Scotia Information suppiementaire est disponible du Le reglstraire College de la Garde cdti're C. P.3000 Sydney (Nouveiie-Ecosse) I'm concerned, I'm going to make recommen? dation to my superior that you all be re? leased. If it was up to me," he said, "I'd send you back tomorrow." And the investigation stopped. (But) I was held there, before they re? leased me, another 13 months. I was re? leased on March the 8th in 1942. And that's when my wife--3 months before I was released, the cash was gone, the shop wasn't paying anything that I left behind. She had to apply for assistance. And the Red Cross called her up one day, said, "Mrs. Nardocchio,' I understand that you need some assistance." She said, "Yes, I do." Said, "How many children do you have?" "I have 8 children." So, "We'll send you a quart of milk a day." With 8 children. So. she accepted. Then she went to the Catholic Charities. And the Catholic Charities gave her $3 a week in groceries. And she had to go get the groceries at a grocery store on Char? lotte Street. Three dollars a week. (She got nothing the 19 months before that?) Nothing before that, no. And she lived on whatever she could get at the shop.... But where I left the stock in the shop, what? ever they did, they used up all the stock. I had a lot of shoes. Ten thousand dollars in stock all went. You couldn't get too much out of it. And the government took over, and that's what happened. They gave me a job in (Petawawa in) the shoemaker's shop there, too. Not much--just pasttime. I used to get 200 a day--200 a day for my pay, and 100 on Saturday--half a day. And then I was interpreter--200 a day. No matter what you did, it was 200 a day. Our 10th Year of Serving All of Cape Breton! HEATHER BUILDING SUPPLIES Small Job Installations a Specialty sr Windows > Doors • Storage Sheds (completely assembled) WeU-Stocked Showroom Courteous Helpful Staff We are centrally located to serve I the Country and the Town in Cape Breton. LOCATED OFF THE TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY at BRAS D'OR 736-6000 • 736-3444 • 736-2457
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