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Page 83 - A Talk with Dominic Nardocchio

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/1/1 (201 reads)

Yeah, you worked. If you didn't work at all, you didn't get anything. But one time--I never smoked at that time--I saved 200 a day--I sent my wife $15. Sat? urday, 100-- half a day's work, 100. A dollar ten a week. (Dominic laughs.) A dol? lar ten a week! (Oh, you took Sunday off!) Oh, yeah, Sun- Anna (Narducci) & Dominic Nardocchio, on their wedding day No, we day was religious, Sunday was off weren't paid for Sunday. (So while they interned all the Japanese, they didn't intern all the Italians.) No, no, no, no, no. We were--in 1938 we took a census of Italians in Canada. Canada had 90,000 Italians. And 70,000 of them were naturalized British subjects. But they on? ly interned about 605 of Italians. But see--the Japanese is altogether different from our case, from the Italian case. As a matter of fact, of the 605 that were in? terned, I doubt if there's about maybe 50 or 60 living. Because a lot of them were old. But it's a different case altogether, because we were interned pending an inves? tigation. We were not interned for the du? ration of the war, or seized properties-- no. They seized my business, of course, to run it. To see if they could run it-- that's about all--but they couldn't. Dave's Cycle Sales Here's something the whole world agrees on 455 GRAND LAKE RD., SYDNEY 562-4343 XA We make the diffefEfice. Yamaha is your #1 choice for 4-wheel drive. But what I say is this: why didn't they re? lease me after 8 months of investigation? When the RCMP--the security of Canada was in the hands of the RCMP. And they're the ones that made that investigation, and they're the ones that made the recommenda? tions. And they said we were not a threat to the security of Canada. Why keep me there? And the others longer? If they had released me after 8 months, I would have had some losses, yes, but not as much. And besides, even the government of Canada could have said, "Well, we're sorry we did this, but it was a war? time investigation. We had to make sure, we had to take our time." And that was excusable. You see, I mean, you could say that. But not keep me in there another 13 months after the RCMP had made recom? mendation for our release. And this is true. As long as I am living, I'm going to keep on fighting.... Cape Breton Mental Health Centre Main Location: 1st Floor, Cape Breton Hospital, Sydney River Satellite Clinics Serve These Areas: Services Psychotherapy ~ Individual Counselling ~ Marriage & Family Counselling Group Therapy ~ Consultation to Agencies, Schools, etc. Drug Therapy - Forensic Assessment ~ Psychological Testing Parenting ~ Children's Services North Sydney ~ Glace Bay ~ New Waterford ~ Neil's Harbour Ingonish ~ Cheticamp ~ Baddeck ~ St. Peter's Please Call 562-3202 or 562-3110 or 562-3333 Referrals accepted from all sources. You can even refer yourself.
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