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Page 57 - Cockfighting: an Introduction

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/8/1 (192 reads)

Anna & Jim Wilson (How old were you when you first heard about?) The first fight I ever saw, I was probably 7 years old. First time I was ever to a fight. (And how did you i get to it?) My uncle was running it. I'd be taking the birds back and forth to the barn. See, everybody brings their birds in little cages--sort of like a suitcase. And you just pile them in the hall where you're fighting. But like, my uncle, he had a place right on his own farm. So his birds were in the pens--in their own pens. So that was my job. He'd tell me what bird he wanted, and I'd run over to the barn, haul it out and take it over to him. And they'd get him ready to fight. (Were these birds safe for you to han? dle?) I thought so. (Even at 7 years old.) Yeah. They've got me--some of them . have nailed me at 57 years old, but-- | they're not all dirty. You get the odd dirty bird. You get some of those barnyard leghorns and they'll chase you, too, but as a rule they don't, but you get one that will. But a bird that's handled--fighting roosters are handled, often and a lot-- it's just like handling a cat. He's used to it. It's no problem. But there are cer? tain breeds that, you know, they are man- eaters and they're dirty. They can be dan? gerous. I've had where--I had to go to the doctor a couple of years back, for my wrist--cut. His father used to fight "I t(}ok the road less travelled by ??-* • ?_ j'' ' ?? n j. jt ...and that has made all the differenced KlCflfHOIla COUIltl/S KOUte 4 -Robert Frost Discover Cape Breton Differently! KAYAK TOURS INSTRUCTION • RENTALS • KAYAKS • CANOES • BIKES • • OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT* LOG CABINS on the Bras d'Or Lake Ask for brochure: KAYAK CAPE BRETON R. R. 2, West Bay, N. 8. BOE 3K0 OR PHONE (902) 535-3060 The convenience of modern accommodations in the charm of an historic village at INN ON THE CANAL St. Peter's 20 Motel Units Licensed Dining Lounge • Cable T.V. BEACHES FISHING • GOLnNG HISTORIC SITES Come visit us at tJte Inn where the only thing we overlook is the beautiful Bras d'Or Lakes! Box 9, Si Peter's, N. S. BOE 3B0 • 1-800-535-2200 ST. PETER'S Campground Located on Route 4 in the Village of ST. PETERS • FULLY SERVICED SITES and TENTING SITES • Recreation Hall with Weekend Entertainment 2 Swimming Pools • Playground • Canteen FaciUties 535-3333 Functional Stoneware and Custom Dinnerware Turnstone Pottery WHEELTHROWN Studio and Showroom on the Harbour 226-3004 Arichat on Jack Ouellette, Potter ISlC MadaiTIG We're Open Daily, 7 A. M. to 9 P.M. llA EO??M Specializing in Seafood & Home Baking rLobster Supper-all the mussels you can eat-4-9' Grenville St., St. Peter's 535-2089 Entrepreneur of the Year Award • Cape Breton Tourist Association 1989 La Cuisine Acadienne 1'' • ' Fish & Steakhouse l'k ''Restaurant & Dining Room Yj/H" • -'' * Ful'y Licensed * I Charcoal Steaks • Seafoods a Speciality Home Cooked Meals • Meat Pies Pizzas • Light Snacks • Chinese Food At Louisdale (902) 345-2817 Your Hosts: Lome et Val Marchand Seating 125
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