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> Issue 55 > Page 68 - Acadian Story: "Les trois enfants brules"

Page 68 - Acadian Story: "Les trois enfants brules"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/8/1 (145 reads)

Marcellin Hach6 -r dit, oui, c'est terrib'e, bi'n sur. -Mais il a dit, vos trois gargons, si vous les voiriez, les recounaitriez- vous? -Ah! il a dit oui. C'est la vielle qu' a r6pondu. -Surtout r plus jeune, parce qu'a' dit, j' I'aimais beaucoup. -Bi'n il a dit, mok, j' su's I' plus jeune de vos gargons, p'is v'l' mes deux fr??res avec mok. J'avons pas 't6 brules, j'avons 6chapp6. Bi'n il' avont trouv6 ga assez "tough," il' etiont assez vieux, qu'il' ont pris malades tous les deux, le vieux et la vieille. Et au bout d' quinze jours, il' 6tiont morts tous les deux. Ca fait que j' crois qu' c'est Me- trick qui creusit leu' fosses. Our thanks to Ronald Labelle, Director of the Centre d''tudes acadiennes at the University de Moncton, for providing the tran? scription of Marcellln Hach6's story. It is written as he told It to P're Anselme Chiasson in Cheticamp, August 21,1957, when M. Ha- ch6 was 78. P6re Anselme is the author of several books, Including Ch6tlcamp: Histoire et Traditions acadiennes. which has been published in English as Cheticamp: HIstorv and Acadian Traditions. It is published by Breakwater Books (St. John's), and is availa? ble through your book dealer. Paperback: $14.95. Our thanks to Marcelle Lavole Crimp, Wreck Cove, for reading this story aloud with us and thus helping us to understand and enjoy It. 3 New Fiddle Tunes from Recent Tapes 1 1. From "A Few Tunes from Howie MacDonald": Grand Etang E minor March Howie MacDonald ' I BBBL I j I lij a' pasH' f' I *i*rr JL • I *J#* I 'nnlHIi Jlllli 'fFF J m00 NJ # ?? i j.nigi.'i J. I irri "' • jyjjf' JJ*''i it* J ??'jwi r**''' ?! • nJ * J' I [ *'J 2. From "A Session witii Jerry Holland": Iggie and Squiggie's Reel Jerry IHolland 3. From John Morris Rankin on "The Rankin Family": HuirS Reel John Morns Ranl
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