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Page 69 - Bill MacRitchie and Early Flight

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/8/1 (230 reads)

Bill MacRitchie and Early Flight Plus L. B. "Bricky" Stevenson & the Cape Breton Flying Club Bill MacRitchie: Well, my full name was William Arthur Dillon MacRitchie. And the reason being, for all the names and everything, because I'm more or less a multina? tional type. I think I have something like 8 different na? tionalities in me. Although, our people came from Storno- way, in Scotland. On my moth? er's side, she was a mixture, she was a MacKay. And her mother was Dillon, was Irish. And back a bit, there was a mixture of Irish and French. On my Dad's side, there was Scottish, and Swiss, and Span? ish, because of Scottish sol? diers that went to serve in these places and brought their wives back to Scotland. And the original MacRitchie was MacChristian in Gaelic, which means "son of Christian," which came from Norway about 700 years ago. My dad eventually ended up in Glace Bay. He was an accountant and a mathematician. He grew up in Englishtown, too. He was on- Reader Alert! Who is in this picture? Where was It taken? When? If you have photographs of early flight anywhere in Cape Breton, please write to Cane Breton's Magazine BOC IHO. ly about 18 when he went to Normal College and became a teacher. And that's where he met my mother, who was a schoolteacher in (Port) Morien. They were married in Halifax. But I was born in Reserve. Back by the--very near
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