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Page 63 - Mickey MacNeil from Iona - Ghosts

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/6/1 (244 reads)

I got back, I sighted--he was there. He or she. didn't matter--started again. So, I came in line. And as I was pretty well in the same area--and I guess I was following pretty well the same tracking--again, this person.... (Disappeared.) Disappeared. So I backed back again. When I backed back again, I saw the person. But I said to my? self, "Well, what in the--what will I do?" I wasn't going to change the direction. Said to myself, "If it is not good, there's not too much harm in it. If it is something that's alive, and trouble? some, I'm alone, and you never know." But then, anyhow I'd bless myself. It wouldn't hurt. And us Catholics, we generally carry beads, I've got the beads around my neck. I said, "I'll give her--I'11 go through it. whatever it is." So I came to the same place. And when I came to the same place, there was nothing. So I just kept on. I crossed the fence, and I went into the grave? yard. I said. "If it's something that's thinking that I won't speak to it. At Giorgio & Lim, we specialize in Italian and Chinese food. Choose from either, or if your tastes are exotic, mix and match frt)m our special combinations I • Greek and Canadian items also available • Open daily 4 p.m. Offering you a world of fine food! 536 George St., Sydney (Across from Centre 200) For take-out & delivery call 539-8066 ANSWERS 10Y0UR INSURANCE QUEsriONS-irs Do you have questions about J'Ct general insurance (auto, home, liability, f'iSm bonding, etc.) ? We have people • ? m MMf who can answer your questions E'?S ?? over the phone or by mail • ''%' ?? with the right pamphlet. Becoming better informed about insurance is # - - only a phone 'P Callaway. lrsuroAC • Bureau of Gxrxoda Bureau d'assuroAce du Gxivskda Representing private general insurance companies in Canada AS Halifax: 429-2730 Toll Free: 1-800-565-7189 Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. I'll go in." I went through the graveyard. Not a thing met me. not a thing. I crossed the fence, back, coming on the road. I didn't go to the gate. I just crossed the fence. Went up to the glebe and went to bed. But this was in my mind all night. So then I got up early, early, early in the morning. I went down to where I was seeing the person, or the ghost. I wanted to be sure there was anybody in the grave? yard but myself. So I went to the school. That is when you'll take the way of doing the thing right, you'll see what will hap? pen. I went to the front of the school. And there were windows in the front of the school. But the classroom to the right, like that, was opened. And there were win? dows out on that side of the classroom. Well, I started drawing your own ideas, figuring. I started thinking of how things were. Well. I figured out--the moon was at its full. The full moon was at its full. The moon was getting to up. exactly right to the east, and coming up. And the way the moon is when it gets up, especially when it's full, it'll come--you just think that it's only moon--but it just comes and bounces. Well, the best that I could make out. fig? ure out--and I hope I'm right, and I'm quite sure I'm right--and if I'm not right I prayed I can't help it--that it was the moon hitting the window, bouncing in. And the door of the classroom open, and that the moon was hitting through the other window, reflecting on the marble monuments that were in the grave(yard). Of course, there were those other trees that would be out there--trees. a lot of them--that it was taking out the figure of a person. And when I would come in line with the moon from the window, the reflection--as I'd come in line, that I was taking the moon away, and that's where I was missing it. Whether I am right or wrong, I don't know.... But anyhow I was with the gang again, and I asked them how often (they were seeing it)--"Aw." they said, "it's only not too often. Very, very seldom." I said. "You can watch for that, on the full of the moon, providing that that (door) is open, and travelling from the point to the other point--see what will happen." GILLIS 'ibmecare HHBUILDING CENTREHHH wm'Wi CALL US FOR AN ESTIMATE FLOOR & ROOF TRUSSES iocated behind Foodtown IGA Kings Road & Lewis Drive KINGS ROAD SYDNEY RIVER 539-0738
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