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Page 64 - Mickey MacNeil from Iona - Ghosts

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/6/1 (164 reads)

I never heard any more, and I never will. But I'm sure that that--that's the way you've got to be careful about ghosts. Peo? ple sometimes have ghosts that are not there--ghosts they make up themselves. But the genuine ghost, you have to be pretty sure, that that party is either sitting with you in the wagon, or giving you trouble in driving a car, or giving you trouble on the highway or something. Which is not too often, so. Sometimes you can mix--I want to be honest with you--sometimes people get the idea, well, he saw or they saw.... Well now, I could be wrong. But I'm doubtful I'm wrong. Because why does it, because of ghosts, why was it going to move? For the like of me going through it would stay there. But it was something else that was-- it was the moon, and I was blocking it, that's why I thought. So that might.... (Well that's what they say, they say it's good, you know, to speak to it, or....) Oh dear, yes, speak to it, speak to it, yeah. Yeah, speak to it, yeah. If you meet with anything like that. But there's one thing you'll never have to be afraid of--anybody that's frightened, that have fear of a ghost, they will never come. They'll never bother him. Because it's only to those that's able to stand--that hasn't got fear, that can--that's not a bit fright? ful- -that will be able to speak to them, that they'll come to. Yeah, yeah. They'll never interfere with a.... If I would hap? pen to be timid, or not timid, but fright? ened- - "Ghosts , you wouldn't want to meet them--scared"--you'd never need to worry. But if I was a fellow that, "Well, if they come my way, I will speak to them." You could be meet--could speak to them. (Is that a kind of mercy, do you think?) Well, the way with the ghosts and some of those things--in our religion some time long ago there'd be people that died, sometimes wouldn't have everything settled as they should. I mean, earthly--that had earthly affairs to settle that they didn't fix up. Sometimes a ghost--they might come back. It is not too often. But in our re? ligion it's not them that's come back, it's the Angel Guardian--of course, maybe you have different belief. Angel Guardian that come back in their place--in our be- lief. (A Guardian Angel?) A Guardian An? gel, yeah, that comes back. And in their appearance. Because it is to us known that no man that has died will ever return. He'll not return, not supposed to return. But that God would grant this for them to come back, grant this spirit. (The Guardi? an Angel in their form?) In their form. (And when we would see it, we would see what we would think was that person.) That's them. yeah, that it would be the Guardian Angel in their form. (And do you know of times--either to you or to someone you know--where someone has come back like that?) Oh, yes. Yes, yes, they have. Yes, they have. (When was that?) Oh, that's a long time ago.... In our religion, as Roman Catholics, we have to be very, very careful if there is a Mass, a Mass given to us. If you give me a Mass--money--for to get a Mass said for a soul that had departed. We have to be very careful that we sent that money to the priest or gave it to the priest. Or, if we don't, that's a Mass--that's a Mass that Ltd. Island Crafts Old-Fashioned Charm Is Our Trademark Handknit Fishermen's Sweaters • Kitchen Accessories Designer Mohair Sweaters • Cool
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