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> Issue 58 > Page 14 - Minnie Aucoin of St. Joseph du Moine

Page 14 - Minnie Aucoin of St. Joseph du Moine

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1 (351 reads)

Des fois la brousse 6tais us6e, pis avant qu'on ait une autre brousse, on prenait une branche de pruce. Une p'tite branche de pruce, pis on la mouillait, pis on frottait la place avec. Minnie to CBM: We had to get up at 5 o'clock in the morning to milk the cow, and then pass (it through) the separator, and feed the pigs and the calves and the hens and...! And then, we had no power. We had 6 lamps. We had to fix the lamps. Eve? ry morning, put kerosene in the lamps, and clean them for the night. Oh, we had to scrub the floor with a brush. I tell you, it was hard. (CBM: Did you think it was hard when you were 12 years old?) Well, I didn't mind. Everybody was the same, see. (Well, some homes had a mother.) Oh yes, some had a mother. (So every home wasn't the same, it just had the same amount of work. I mean, when you were 12 years old, did you know it was hard?) Well, it was hard, but I . .Co-op Artisanale iJlcadian] de cheticamp Ltee Hand Hooked. Virgin Wool ProductsJ May 6th - October 15th • 224-2170 • Open Every Day to Welcome You didn't mind. (It did not make you an? gry.) Oh, no. No, no. (How long, af? ter you were 12 years old, did you have to keep house?) Well, I stayed there till I got married. (And did you take care of your brothers too?) Yes. I had to wash their clothes. And that time they had the white shirt--I had to empeser --press them. Put starch in. And iron them. Little iron on the stove. My God. Before you got to the table, they were cold! I had a garden. We had cabbage, turnips, and carrots, and string beans. (My broth? ers) helped me. Grandma was too old--so, they helped me. WeCcome to your Home aioay front home! These signs invite you to come mal' Celebrating ' '''f%fur/ (25 Years of Savings' r lUUtLU V at our Sydney River; DEPARTMENT STORES X' LOCatlOn CAPE BRETON SHOPPING PLAZA - SYDNEY RIVER MAYFLOWER MALL - GRAND LAKE ROAD - SYDNEY PORT HAWKESBURY SHOPPING CENTRE WooIco will meet any local competitor's advertised prices* 'OTHERS SAY IT... WOOLCO GUARANTEES IT! Just bring In any Competitor's current Ad. If our price on the Identical Kern isn't already as low, or lower than their advertised price we will immediately meet their price! We exclude gimmick promotions (Scratch & Save), & entire Department, entire Store percentage off Promotions. We reserve the right to limit quantities. USE OUR CONVENIENT LAYAWAY PLAN IT"
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