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> Issue 58 > Page 15 - Minnie Aucoin of St. Joseph du Moine

Page 15 - Minnie Aucoin of St. Joseph du Moine

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1 (305 reads)

: did they have?) Well, when I was there they had 5, I think. (Plus you had 12 of your own.) I had 12 my own. It was hard then. I tell you, it was hard. What can I do? (Where was your husband?) Well, he was working in St. Ann's. The woods. In the summer he was home to do his farming. But in the winter he was in the woods. (And were his parents able to help >'you?) Well, a little bit, yeah. '!f' The old lady took the care of Opposite page: Minnie's father, Frederic Deveaux. Minnie's mother was Marie the crippled children- -1 didn' t Doucet Deveaux • no photo exists. Above: the school Minnie attended until she have to do anything for them. was 12, at Cap Le Moine, Friar's Head. des danses on y'allait. (A quelle age a tu commence k sortir avec des jeunes?) J'ai coummenc6 dans c'temps-li. J'ai coummenc6 k dix-huit ans. (Avais-tu un "boyfriend"?) J'en avait yin pas loin de chez-nous pis Ik il a 6t6 k la guerre pis on s'6crivait tout le temps. La j'ai 6t6 une espelle que j'ai pas eu de lettre de lui. Ces lettres aviont t6.... Lk quand qui s'en a venu, y m'a dit qui s'en venait pour me marier pis en meme temps dans c'temps-li j'sortais avec Pat. Dans c'temps-li faulait que les houmes firent la d'mande si y t'vouliont. La d'mande 6tait faite. (CBM: Your husband, Patrick--what did he do for a living? ) He was a farmer; he worked on the farm. (He didn't fish at all.) No. They always, always worked on the farm. (So, how did the two of you decide to get married?) I don't know. We fell in love! Minnie laughs. (When did he ask you to marry him? At a dance?) No, oh, no. No. It was at my home. He came that night to see me, so that night he asked my father, could (he) have me. He asked me if I want? ed to get married. So I said yes. So, he asked my father. (And your father, of course, needed you.) Oh, yes. My father cried. (And he would have pre? ferred, I suppose, to have you stay home and continue working?) Yeah, yeah. (But what did he say?) Well, he said yes. (Did life get easi? er for you after you got married?) Oh, my God, no. Oh, I worked so hard. I had 12 kids. And I kept the old lady and the old man. And they had crip? pled children. So I tell you, it was not fun. (How many crippled children (Did you cook for everybody?) Yeah. (And did you do laundry for everybody?) Yeah, yeah, (And kept the house.) Yeah. Oh, it was hard, I tell you. At that time there was no hospital. I had all the kids at the house. And they kept you in bed for 10 days. And when you got up, you had no legs, that you could walk! My God.... Oh! And then in the summer I had to work outside--dig potato, and the haytime--I had to work there. (Rosie: Did you pick up the hay and throw it on the wagon...?) No, LICKACHICK Trans-Canada Highway, Bras d'Or • Tel. 736-9496 Chicken from 1 -Piece Packs Up to 20-Piece Barrels with Fries - Cole Slaw - Salads & Beverages I Checkout our full menu! | Ideal for: • Snack • Party • Picnic "Se' XoMlng, CMekm on tht tMandr CAPE BRETON'S HOME HEAT SPECIALIST SULLIVAN FUELS SERVING SYDNEY & SURROUNDING AREA FOR OVER 30 YEARS! WE OFFER YOU THE FOLLOWING SERVICES: • Senior Citizens Discounts • Ultramar Lubes & Greases • 24 Hour Emergency Service • Leasing Energy-Efficient Burners - Furnaces & Water Heaters CALL TODAY: 564-8213 ALAN SULLIVAN
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