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> Issue 58 > Page 19 - Minnie Aucoin of St. Joseph du Moine

Page 19 - Minnie Aucoin of St. Joseph du Moine

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1 (279 reads)

it, he wouldn't like it, I'll tell you. (How would he let you know that he did not like it?) Well, talk about it after that. He heard about it and he talked about it. (In church?) No, but he talked to somebody. He wouldn't talk (about) it at the church. (When you would go to confession, would you have to confess that you went to a dance?) Yeah, (And he'd be mad.) No. He didn't say anything. (Oh, he wouldn't make you do something.) No. (See. "'It is Wrong. Wrong to Dance...' (A Talk about Cheticamp-Area Dance Pro? hibition)" CAPE BRETON'S MAGAZINE. 51.) Above: Patrick's father, Joseph (i Dosite). Above right: Patrick's moth-| er Luce Muise Aucoin, on the right. Below: Patrick's sister Hel6ne, one of the crippled children. (I don't know how to ask you this: Was dancing your worst sin?) Laughter Ah, well, I don't know what to tell you, but.... (Your husband worked at the farm. And he worked at St. Ann's when you were first married. What other work did he do?) Well, he was doing garden? ing here and there. Everybody would ask him to go and make a garden for them. He had two horses and a plow. So, he was busy. So, that was his work. (You yourself, you never earned any money?) No. (I see you're knitting. Did you knit things for money?) No, no. I only knit for my husband and kids. (I'm sure that was enough.) Oh, my God, yes. I had to stay up till 12 o'clock to knit for the kids, and make them clothes. I had to make clothes for them to go to school. (Did you enjoy doing that--honestly?) Yes. I didn't mind. No, at that time I didn't mind. (Did you ever have a wish to be any? thing else? To go off and work at some? thing else?) No. (Never.) No. 'Cause I knew I couldn't go. So. (Rosie: If today you could live it all over again, would you change things?) I wouldn't like it like it was. I like it better now. Because you have everything. Push on a button for water, and push a button for a stove. (Do you find that it was happier times then, than now?) I didn't complain. I was happy. (CBM: Those are two different things. You Speciallstsin V'tRepfacemefU 341 Welton St.. Sydney SERVING ALL OF CAPE BRETON PRODUCTS LTD. Phone:539-4111 • No structural changes • No more painting • Clean from inside FREE ESTIMATES Need a Radiator? Muffler? Shocks? Brakes? RAD-PRO Specializing in Radiator Repair & Recores Heaters Water Pumps, Etc. TWO LOCATIONS: Sydney i 349 George St. - Downtown i AND Port Hawkesbury Maclnnes Road at Specializing in Mufflers Brakes MASTER MUFFLER IJrlngl f''mm Sydney: 562-2300 • Port Hawkesbury: 625-3781 Port Hawkesbury Centre Sydney: 539-6691 • Port Hawkesbury: 625-3781
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