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Page 20 - Minnie Aucoin of St. Joseph du Moine

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1 (268 reads)

didn't complain. And you were happy. But when you were a little girl growing up, and working for your father and your grandmother, were you happy?) Yes. I didn't mind. (And then, you went from that into a new career of working for your hus? band, and his parents, and 12 children of your own. And then doing some things for 5 more crippled children--all in the same house.) Yeah. (And some people might say, that you would say, "Oh, no. I'm not going to do all that." But you never said that.) No. (Did you ever think of running away?) Oh, no. (Never? How could you be so brave?) Well, where could I go? I had no money. Chuckles. (If you had had money, do you think you might have thought of it?) No, I don't think. I love my children, I love my husband. We had a great time. He was nice to me. (Rosie: Y a ti quelque chose dans ta vie que tu regrettes que t'as pas pu faire?) Dans c'temps-1' y avait des factories k houmard. Tu sals y travaillont aux facto- REGINATO Sales & Service Marion Bridge 727-2025 AnyMiingLessJostln'lCutlt. . CREDIT PLAN AVAILABLE • Top-of-Line Quality Products SALES • SERVICE • REPAIRS "YOUR GLASS SPECIALISTS" SERVING ALL OF THE ISLAND COMMERCIAL - RESIDENTIAL • Storefronts • Automatic Entrances • Commercial Windows EMERGENCY SERVICE AVAILABLE • Thermo insulated Units • Aluminum Entrances • Glass Replacement • Caulking Repairs • Custom Glass • Replacement Stained Glass • Door Hardware • Weatherstripping BLACKIE MacPHERSON • LAWRENCE MULLER EDGAR MacKINNON 539-3682 92 Brookland St. Sydney ries k houmard. J'aurais voulu pouvoir y aller, mais j'pouvais pas. J'avals un on- cle qu'avait une factorie k houmard sus les caps, mais j'pouvais pas y aller parce que faulait que je reste k la maison. (CBM: When your children would be ill--did you have medicines?) Oh, yes, we had syrup, and something like that. (Did you make it?) When the kid had worms, my grandma used to make--she had garlic in the garden there, she'd plant garlic. And she'd put a few garlic (on) a string, and put it (around) the neck--and the worms would go away. (Ro? sie: Did you ever hear of doing that with onions, too?) Yes, some put onions. With her it was garlic. (CBM: He didn't have to eat it.) No, no. The smell. (How would you know when a child had worms?) Well, if he was not feeling good. Sometimes he would scratch his bum, you know, he was always there. So, that's why I know that was (worms). Oh, sometimes, they'll choke. (You mean the worms would be at his throat?) Yeah. (As bad as that.) Oh, yes. (And did the garlic work?) Oh, yes. As soon as Grandma put garlic around--she put it on a string around the neck there. (Now, the syrup that you made....) Well, I'd boil the molasses. And then I'd chop the onions and put them in the molasses. They'd drink that. Not the onions, but they'd drink the molasses, in a spoonful of molasses. That was for a cold, or--oh, I don't know. When they were not feeling good--they were choking--the flu. (CBM: This house, it used to be....) Way up, near the mountain there. We hauled it here. With a tractor. And there were 70 men, and a Cape Breton Boarding Kennels R. R. #1, Glace Bay, N. S. • Telephone: 737-2281 Modern Heated Facilities! Dogs and Cats • All Breeds Open 12 Months - Pet Food - Pet Supplies Certification of Vaccination Required Pick Up & Delivery Service Available - Indoor/Outdoor Dog Kennels CALL TO MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW B 'rmers Cooperative Dairy Limited A Complete Line of Dairy & Juice Products ?? Milk ?? Spreads ?? Ice Cream ?? Juices ?? Yogourt ?? Long Life ?? Cheese Products Farmers Co-operative Dairy Limited Sydport. Sydney 562-2434 Owned by Nova Scotian Farmers
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