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> Issue 58 > Page 90 - "Who do You Think You Are? Johnny Abbass"?

Page 90 - "Who do You Think You Are? Johnny Abbass"?

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1 (156 reads)

Maln-a-Dieu School, Grades lli-iV-V, 1955-56 they found a guy on the shore that had drowned. The ship was up in the cove, on its side. And I took a photograph of it--a love? ly photograph, dandy photograph. And I shipped it off to the Chronicle-Herald. by taxi. The next day--I wasn't working for the Cape Breton Post then, by the way. The next day...the Cape Breton Post came out, and Vacation in Louisbourg! Front the Old Town to the New fortress Vizw 'staurantl FORTRESS ViEW RESTAURANT 'is Herman s Lounge Open 8 AM to 10 PM • WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE • Specializing in: • Lobster in season • Scallops • Haddocl( • Clams • Bras d'Or Trout • Sole • Stealcs • Turlcey Ham • Chowders • Chops Sandwiches • both hot & cold . SOUVENIRS • Main Street LOUISBOURG Phone 733-3009 there was this Marshall Frank on its side--with the waves washing over it--"Shipwreck in a Storm." There were no waves washing over that. Sort of as a prank, they had their artist paint waves over the ship. And it (was) published in the paper the next day, it was a tremendous shipwreck. I don't know if the paper ad? mitted some years later that that was not a true pic? ture.... So finally, they did admit to me that--you know, we were friends--that that's what happened. That picture is hung up in several homes here in the city. In colour. The real picture's mine. There was no sea breaking over it. It was as calm as anything. It was in the night--the ship wrecked in a storm in the night. There was another shipwreck--the Icelandic XI. Where there's a photograph of the fel? low being carried off by helicopter or something. That's my photograph. That was in a storm--it was around Christmas time-- it was really cold. And those who were caught in the ship--you know, they came off, they were frozen. They died there, frozen. And it was run right up on the shore. You could walk on the ship from the shore. (That was the Icelandic II.) Yeah. It ran ashore. Another bad accident we were at was, we Take ROUTE 22 Out of Sydney ( OpenSAffytar'gundStrving'otmCooi'd9'tQfs) Sea Views and Harbour, Crafts, Local Museums, and Historic Reconstructions TOWN DAIRY "The Biggest Littie Store in Town" 1290 Main Street?? Louisbourg ??733-2212 Groceries • Gifts & Supplies • Souvenirs • Lottery Ticl
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