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Page 91 - "Who do You Think You Are? Johnny Abbass"?

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1 (191 reads)

were called to Little Narrows. There was a family--the car was full. And they missed the ferry. And the car ran right off the end of the wharf. And everybody in the car was drowned. We got the call. We got there in the morning. When we got there, there was a priest there. I know the priest--he doesn't remember now--he may re? member now that I've mentioned it. When he saw me getting out to take the pictures, he said, "You're disgusting." I said, "I'm sorry, but this is my job." I said, "I have to. I don't like this." I said, "And I resent your saying (that) to me, you know. That's my job," I said. "Same as it's your job, here, to come and minister." But I can understand. I didn't find fault with people saying that. But by the same token, I had to kind of steel myself to go to those situa? tions.... Some people thought we should be taking those pictures, some thought we shouldn't.... When they had the explosion in Springhill, some of these photographers from Ontario were very, very crude. They were going to get a picture at all cost. They made a lot of trouble for the press, and for the man? agement. However, I guess, as it turns out, the photographs should have been tak? en. Because (now) they're allowing photo? graphs an3rwhere, any time. They can't do one thing today where they can deny the photographers access.... (But I have a sense that, to get the story, you had to really, you know, be aggres? sive.) Sure. (You know, I just don't think that these things are given to you.) Like, for instance, when Jack MacLean was caught for murder--charged with murder. (D. Jack MacLean. former mayor of Sydney, was tried for murder but found guilty of manslaugh? ter.) Guilty of manslaughter. Well, the po? lice would take him down the back stairs while we...the front stairs. Someone maybe in the sheriff's department would tip off the reporters.... We'd have to bring two photographers--one to watch the back door and one to watch the front door.... Yeah, you'd have to be very aggressive. You'd have to just push your way through. And then when people try to come closer to the celebrity, you have to put your arms out and push them back. You have to get back far enough to get a photograph. In those days, you didn't have a zoom lens, where you could bring them closer, or a wide-angle lens where you could take a picture at close range. (Did you have to go to the morgue and take pictures?) The papers then--like the local papers--wouldn't use those pictures. But there was a big fire out at Waterford. Eight in the family, burned to death. They Swimming and Hiking Picnics and Dining Where the Present Meets the Past Phone (902) 539-7100 Gustavo Ruan Fax (902) 842-0492 • Box 6266, RR3 Res (902) 564-4715 Sydney B1P 6G5 Q E- U /10 P Q . LOUISBOURG i OCnVIOIIO RUAN'S DIVING SCUBA DIVING in the Clear Waters of Cape Breton Island, Come and experience.... • The Evelyn, a freighter sunk in 1912 off Lighthouse Point • The French pay ship Chameau, sunk in 1725 • The Irish immigrant ship Astrea, lost in 1834 at the foot of a cape • Lighthouse Pt. 't'''.-JZ."'': & Soldier's Cove, near 18th-century Fortress Louisbourg Stevens' General Store (Founded in 1914) SPECIALIZING IN FISH Fresh from the Atlantic to Your Pan! COMPLETE LINE OF GROCERIES We welcome tourists & can supply all your needs: Kodak Film • ICE - block & cubes • Camping Supplies FAX Service • COMPLETE LINE OF MEATS We are open all days & well into the night! COME IN & BROWSE L Phone 733-2060 LOUISBOURG . Sydney & HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE '' Louisburg Railway iVIuseum j S & L Railway ran coal & passengers from 1895 to 1968. yw G Visit our display of railroad & marine items, watercolours, & depictions of life in Louisbourg. OPEN June & Sept: 9-5 July & August: 9-7
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