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Page 28 - Dr. Jack Yazer, Citizen

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/1/1 (525 reads)

thing. (That seems to be clear.) Yeah, but why would it have happened to me? Why wouldn't I...? Why is it that I can't re? member any of those things. I remember from the time when I came here, from the time I went peddling, incidents that happened. All of those things. Why was everything shut out? I can remember coming in the boat, going to Danzig. And coming with a boat--Empress of France, from Liver? pool. I remember all of those things. I re? member on the boat how they used to chase me--the stewards.... I got in Quebec City and I couldn't stay still. And I had, I think, $2.5 0 in my pocket. And we wore those knickerbocker pants. And I was wandering around, and I saw this little store there, and I bought a pair of golf socks for 850--you know, to match. And then I was wandering around and I got lost. I couldn't find my boat, back. And I was panicking. And then, I kept on showing--we had buttons (we wore)--so they took me back to the boat. Then they took us on the train--put us on a train in Quebec City. And--I don't know --between Boisdale and Montreal, wherever it was--there was a fellow sitting right across from me. He was going--(Jack made a chomping sound, smacking his lips). And it was bothering me. He was chewing gum. You know, I never saw gum. So I asked him.... He said, "Gum." So then he gave me a piece. And I took it and I swallowed it. He said, "No, no." So I learned from him. So I remember that particular scene. And then, we were told not to talk to just anybody. And this lady came in past Bois? dale. She started talking to me, and I just ignored her. She kept going, and she came back again. It was my aunt. She met me in Boisdale. She picked me out on the train. And then we came here, and there was my uncle, my aunt, my sister, my brother. And they made me welcome. Jack Yazer's Story Continues on Page 81 ALL HOURS PLUMBING & HEATING CONTRACTOR LTD. RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL INSTALLATIONS - REPAIRS - RENOVATIONS • Pumps • Water Softeners • Central Vacuum Systems • Propane Radiant Heat Panels • Coal, Oil, Wood, Combination Hot Water & Warm Air Furnaces FREE ESTIMATES • ALL WORK GUARANTEED FOR PROMPT & EFFICIENT SERVICE _ ' ' n a An OWNER/OPERATOR FAX539-1862 539-3449 1069 UPPER PRINCE STREET' SYDNEY Fraser's Deli & Convenience (7= Fresh Daily Home Baking Deli * Meats * Cheeses ONE STOP CONVENIENCE Union at Amelia • GLACE BAY • 849-2090 Medical Hall EST. 1906 • COMPUTERIZED PRESCRIPTION SERVICE . FILMS • SUNTAN LOTIONS • FIRST AID SUPPLIES 66 Commercial St. . 1 Commercial St." DOMINION GLACE BAY 849-0200 ' 849-6552 (if busy) 849-1030 PHARMASAVE Stores To Serve You CAPE BRETON SHOPPING PLAZA SYDNEY RIVER U'' Featuring AWfl> MPARTMtNT ITORCt The Crossroads of Cape Breton' Sobeys & ShopfDer's Drug Mart "'9'"''' * '"'?? il 10 p.m. nty Of Fr?* Parking
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