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Page 29 - Paintings by William Hess, Inverness

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/1/1 (5049 reads)

Paintings by William Hess, Inverness William Hess runs a combination toy store and bookstore In Inver? ness town. He is also an extraordinary painter. He is very private about his work, and yet often displays huge paintings on the sides of his building. This is not a contradiction. l/lr. Hess' work first came to wider attention when a mural he paint? ed on the wall of a house in Dunvegan was displayed as part of an Art Gallery of Nova Sco? tia exhibit called "interi? or Decorative Painting in Nova Scotia." The Art Gallery literally re? moved the wall to con? serve the painting. What follows are exam? ples of Mr. Hess's more typical work: paintings of memories of his home in Europe, scenes of disaster, and views of Inverness and Cape Breton. This is barely a sample. His view of Inverness town on page 30 has been purchased by the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and is presently on display in the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D. C, and his work has found a home in several private collections. Left, "My First Business, 1917." Top, detail: lighthouse. Above, E. Solvay-Seda Factory • Wyhlen Baden, W. Germany, 1893-1958.
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