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Page 22 - Micmac Tales about Badger

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1976/6/1 (296 reads)

and he tore off Badger's coat, as he was bigger and stronger than Crow. "I'm so gladl" said Badger, "my coat was so warm and heavyI" Next came a giant birdj strong and big. He lifted Badger right up. "Well, I'm glad, because I'm very tired. Lift me up as high as you can." Badger knew he was going to be killed. When they were very far up. Badger began singing, "Ihe whole earth looks as smooth and soft as the boughs on the floor of a camp." But the giant bird took him over a ledge of rocks where he dropped caribou to kill them, and let Badger drop. When Badger had fallen a- bout halfway, he said to himself, "Just let the backbone be left." So he fell, and was all broken to pieces, • all but his backbone,--and the backbone is there yet, I guess. Crane betrays Badger, and other adventures of Backer; They were jealous of Badger. That is 'y the birds took him up into the air to kill him. But Badger called himself back. He said, "My head come," and his head joined his neck, "My brain come," and his brain went into his head. "My eyes come!" and his eyes went into their sockets. "My two arms come I" and they came. "My two legs comeI" and they came. "My heart comeI" and his heart came and went in. "My belly cornel" and his belly came. "My guts go into ray bellyI" and his guts came and went in. "My penis comeS" and that came. Badger was alive again. He set out. He met Crane, standing by a deep brook. He said, "Brother, stretch out your neck for me to cross on." Crane asked him, "Are my legs nice and straight?" • "No, your legs are crooked." • "Is my neck straight?" • "No, your neck is crooked." • "Is my tail nice and smooth?" • "No, your tail is rough." Still Crane stretched his neck and Badger started across the brook on it. When he was half-way across Crane lowered his neck, and Badger fell off into the water. That was the time he almost died. But he dragged himself up on the bank, and lay down. "I wish I was at my house," he said. Flies came all over him. He was still stinking, not healed up yet alto? gether from his fall. And it was a warm day. Some girls were out picking berries. They said, "Irtlhat is this thing stinking, full of flies?" Badger jumped up and shook himself. He said, "I was asleep. I am sick." And he asked the girls to help him across. Then he met his brother. His brother said to him, "I am glad you have come. I am going to be married today." • "All right," said Badger, "I have a good place for you all to eat. Go up into me," So they (the wedding party) go up into his belly. Badger tries to see them, he tries to look up into himself. "Oh, my sister-in-lawl I wish I could see her. All I can see is just a bit of her wedding dress." When they came out. Badger said, "I gave you a good room for your wedding, now you pay me by taking care of me the rest of my life." The first portion of this story about Badger was told to Frank Speck bv Toe .Tulian of the Sydney band and John Joe of Whycocomagh. and published in the .Tournal of American Folklore. 1915. Elsie Clews Parsons told that story to Marv Madeline Ne? well Poulet in 1923 • and she told the second part of the story, published in the Journal in 1925. These are considered only portions of a much loiiger tale. There was a time when finding value was simply a case of the more you paid the more you got. Easy 5' Now, when few things are inexpensive, and so many things look alike, you have to look a little further to find good value in fine clothing 'M f umiH When a garment carries the BUOIKRS label it means you're getting the world's finest fabrics. Absolute quality control, A total understanding of your expectations, and a solid commitment to fulfill them. Our name means value. And now, more than ever, it's worth looking for, even if you have to look a little further. It do? measure up. I ocRrin 303 Charlotte Street Sydney
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