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Page 23 - Letters of Rev. Norman MacLeod

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1976/6/1 (348 reads)

Letters of Rev. Norman McLeod continued from back cover awful ground, crying peace, peace, when some of my (friends) a gate to escape from there is no peace....Mere profession, dead it in time? tho' I deeply regret that o- devotion, & an outward rusty shell of re- thers, of ray kind fellow creatures, are ligion, without tenderness of conscience, left behind under such deplorable unconcern life of affection, or renovation of spirit, about themselves & others in the middle of are the open and gloomy plague of your day; a branch of Sodom. 1 (say) Sodom, particu- day. St. Ann's, C.B. lOth March, 1840 0, the hateful pride & rank obstinacy • the deep-rooted worldliness & dreadful malignity • the secret contempt of God & of good men, with all their direful train of concomitants that are hiddenly lurking & domineering in the breast of every carnal and unregenerated man in the worldI And larly in reference 'o the places about N. Glasgow; for besides other points of extra? vagance, I have (heard from) eye-witnesses of the filthiness prevalent there, particu? larly at the shipping places, where it is customary to see (word obliterated) accom? pany sailors during the night....OU Pictou, PictouJ Thy sins are fearful and thy judgements are alarming....if I could treat of it in humility I would tell you that I see reason to bless the Lord for having ordered my lot in this very spot. Whatever these & similar vices are excited and break causes of complaint we may think to have forth into practice in less or greater de? grees, according to the different inclina? tions & circumstances.of men, and the vari? ous temptations to which from day to day they are exposed. I do not by any means choose to discourage your correspondence; but allow me in humility and meekness to observe that your letters in general are marked with a dangerous degree of deadness & unconcern. You seem to be slumbering un? der the fatal power of spiritual sleep: so that I am actually & earnestly ashamed to show or to read them to our very friends & serious well wishers. But if I were even present with you, I would indeed feel a- fraid to speak to some of you on the par? ticular grounds of your spiritual maladies in an explicit & unreserved manner accord? ing to ray humble & familiar knowledge.... I do not know the comparison of Pictou in the whole land, for shameless & daring wickedness....I humbly desire to bless the name of the Lord, for having given me and in this life yet when I seriously endeavour to draw comparisons between different places I verily believe upon very sure grounds that we are in a certain degree behind the storm; and in many instances enjoy privileges both negative & positive beyond most places in the world.... St Ann's C.B. 1st Feby 1846 In reference to the books (Rev. MacLeod's book, published late 1843, The Present Church of Scotland and a Tint of NorSiism contending in a Dialogue), unless friendly persons should choose to buy them, I had no great expectation of prejudiced people in their favor. You wrote that they were objected to, by many, on account of the severity of the writing; and so they may; but this generation is proportionately se? vere against Heaven; and that under the mask of friendship and devotion..,.! sore? ly regret to live in a generation so har- At Margaree Harbour on the Cabot Trail )eaUai)if)Prms|) Along this indoor fantasy of London 100 years ago you will find shops featuring: Antiques Fair Isle Sweaters Nova Scotia Handcrafts Tartans, Kilts, Jewelry and China 1/ l*'-'irf- J'''m Museums of LOCAL CRAFTS, ANTIQIXB TOYS I ?? I yi'?- -'''' a''j HISTORICAL DIORAMAS SchoonerRestaurant-.The'MarionEijzabeth" Dine aboard the historic sister ship to the Bluenose. Fully Licenced and Famous for Seafood
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