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Page 92 - Margaret Neil James - A Love Story

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/6/1 (124 reads)

When we went anywhere, as soon as we got on the road, he said the rosary. And then when we got on the road to come back home, he said the rosary. I remember one Sunday afternoon, going for a drive. And we went out St. Columba. And it started to thunder. I said, "Oh, we'll say the rosary." We got to the top of the mountain, and this big clap of thunder came. You could hear me in lona with the Hail Mary's! I hollered as loud as the clap of thunder did! But it wasn't unusual for us--and particu? larly since Neil and I were alone, once we got alone. We'd say the rosary--one decade was for ourselves and one for the children and one for the grandchildren and one for the souls--his par? ents and my parents. And Sr, Florence, my youngest sister, died with multiple sclerosis when she was only 40, And we always prayed for her and to her, be? cause she was con? sidered a little saint. So it wasn't unusual for us to say maybe 3 or 4 ro? saries on the way home. On the way go? ing and on the way coming back. If we'd get tired talking Restaurants • Seafood • Crafts Visit our newly expanded premises. Enjoy delicious food and the breathtaking view of St. Ann's Bay. Full menu selection offered. (Visa. Master Card, American Express accepted) Open 7 a.m. to10 p.m. Fully Licensed Trans Canada Highway at St. Ann's, Exit 11, Cabot Trail 295-3100 Member of Taste of Nova Scotia WE'RE PROUD TO SHARE.., Scottish and Acadian Festivals Hiking trails, picnic and camping parks Museums and heritage The warmest waters north of the Carolinas! Cottage crafts and works of art The Cape Breton highlands National Park Fresh and salt water fishing Horse racing, canoeing, and other sports Fine accommodations, gift shops Restaurants WUdlife The Sunset Side of Cape Breton Requests for Visitor's Guide, brochures, and general information may be made to: Inverness County Department of Recreation/Tourism P.O. Box 179. Port Hood, N.S. BOE 2W0 (902)787-2274 about something, and we didn't have any? thing to say, you know, we'd say, "Oh, well, let's do the rosary." And we'd say the rosary. It was a joy for us. We en? joyed saying the rosary. It wasn't a la? bour, forced or anything, it wasn't any? thing we had to do. I had a feeling that (Neil) wasn't going to make it (when he had a heart attack in Ontario), I was very much afraid of it. And that's the first time I was ever afraid. Because he was very sick in 1981; in fact, 4 doctors in Halifax told me that he wasn't going to make it. And I told them they weren't God. Do what they could, and the Fellow up above was making the de? cision. And I just prayed and prayed and prayed. And when he found out that he had a heart attack in Brantford, he said to the nurse, "Don't worry. When Mama comes, we'll tell her and she'll pray, and I'll be all right." Now, that was asking an aw? ful lot. But anyway, I did pray, as I always do. But I prayed that God's will be done. I didn't want him to suffer. I knew he would be very unhappy if he had to stay in Onta? rio, away from Cape Breton, because his heart and soul was out here in lona. But, as God saw fit, he didn't get out of the hospital.... But after Neil died, I really went down? hill. Because I was worn out. And Mary was very concerned about me at that time, and so was Georgina. Because they realized that I had just pushed myself to the limit • to do what I could. And I said to him at that time--he always had everything well prepared. He had his will made, and he even had his pallbearers picked out. So I said to him one day--that evening when I was there--I said, "Daddy, supposing God decided he wasn't going to give you another chance. Is there anything you'd like to say to me or the children?" Before anything would happen to him. JONELJIM GENERAL CONSTRUCTION TILT-UP CONCRETE BUILDINGS CONCRETE STRUCTURES PRE-ENGINEERED BUILDINGS TURN-KEY PROJECTS DESIGN BUILD Riverview Drive, Sydney Fax. 539-0104 539-2222
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