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Page 2 - Edie MacLeod - Her Glace Bay

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/8/1 (471 reads)

worth's. Woolworth's used to hire --well, every store hired 40 or 50 girls on Saturday night, because everybody got paid Saturday, and everybody came to town, and the stores were open till 11 or 11:30, till the last train went back out to Mira. So, everybody had lots of work. You worked from 5 till 11 for a dollar. You worked from 1 o'clock till 11 for $1.50. But it went a long way, back then. Anyway, after I graduated, I got work in a meat market--Samuels Meat Market. And that was a really Above: Glace Bay Harbour in the 1920's. cold job. There was no heat in the R'9ht:So"*h Street_Bridge in the 1920's; it gave building at all, and you had big carcasses on iron rails down the whole length of the building. With no heat. Beef carcasses, pork carcasses, and lamb car? casses. And a great big chopping block. Four kind of sausages for a quarter. Five- pound roast and two pound of butter for a dollar. Or a better roast--two-pound roast and two pound of butter for $1.25- It's just amazing PJHE 'hen I think of r' r'" A 1' r' A lAff ''' prices access to the Mira River. THE BEARPAW GIFT & CRAFT SHOP Local Crafts to Tickle Your Fancy • Photographs • Knitting • Painting • Crocheting • Quilts • Weaving & Hooking Imported Items to Test Your Resistance • Beautiful Souvenirs • Attractive Tartans • China and Glassware CENTRAL AVE. INVERNESS PHONE 258-2528 We had one lady who had 10 chil? dren. And she used to come in twice a week, once for pork chops and once for lamb chops. And he would give her 13 choice loin lamb chops or pork chops for 50C. "One for each child, one for herself, and two for the boss," he always said! Anyway, from there I moved across the street to the Dominion. Stores, and I worked there. I was only there for a year. Be? cause somebody told me to go up and see Char? lie MacLeod, who ran the bookstore at that time. C. & G. Mac? Leod's Bookstore was here for years. And he|'-*' told me the girl from " '":?*'?? ,'-;?? . '"--T'A's ??-' the Post was leaving- - ?.,,,?? .' . I -:."' ",.'' "'T'l -i because somebody had said, from school, they thought I would be a good reporter--to go up and try for it. And I got it! I got it on the strength of-- I was going to the Baptist church then-- and that night we had a speaker who told us the difference between the Lord's Day Al- TOURS OF: LOUISBOURG, CABOT TRAIL, MINERS MUSEUM AIR CONDITIONED UNITS 564-6200 Limousine Service o' i/iKir'Q onAn Airport Service Taxi Fleet '"' SYDNEY '''*'?' '''""''' THE# 564-4444 "Enjoy superb dining in a rtlaTQng & luTQirious atmospftere SPECIALIZING IN CHINESE CUISINE Canadian Dishes also available FULLY LICENSED TAKE OUT & DELIVERY ORDERS Major Credit Cords Accepted I II I I I 'g 355 Charlotte Street Downtown Sydney Tel: 539-7775 Open daily! 1:00 am VU II II II '''''''''M
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