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Page 3 - Edie MacLeod - Her Glace Bay

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/8/1 (566 reads)

Left: Edie in front of the old Dominion Store (grocery) on Commercial Street, in the old Rukasin Block. Left to right: Edie (clerk for one year), Mac MacDonald (meat man), Garnett Clarke (manager). Photo on right: A view down Commercial Street, circa 1920. liance Act and the Lord's Day Alliance. Anyway, I wrote that up--and that's what got me the job. And I worked there for 3 1/2 years, until my first child was born. And then my sis? ter took over, and she was there for 14 years. That was when the Cape Breton Post had first come to town. We had a room up over a Chinese oaf'--one room. And the first--I wasn't there very long when the subscription list went up to the first 5000. You know, the Post has a big circu? lation today. Anyway, I was there. And then, I had a very hard time with the first birth, so I never got back to that job at all. But I contact? ed the Chronicle-Herald, and I did feature stories for them for years. One week I even had a full page--9 pictures and the whole story--about a Glace Bay girl who, she had been with the government over in Poland, and came back, and then she went up to the Yukon with the governor up there. That was a great story--9 pictures! I couldn't be? lieve it today, a whole page. So, and I sent things in to the Chronicle- Herald for a long time after that. And I usually--what I belong to. I usually do the write-ups for the papers, for them. But 15 years ago when Ken Cotter started up the Coastal Courier, it was Norman Lipschutz suggested he get me on as editor. And I wish I'd had that back in the '30s or '20s. Because it was really great. Then, I could have taken over and managed it. But it's better for someone younger to do it. But I love the Courier. It's great. The only thing, it's not big enough. I can write reams and reams and reams, even yet! So. back in the '208 the stores were smaller than they are now. But as I said, in the '20s, everything happened Saturday night. And that Glace Bay sidewalk was filled from one side to the other. You couldn't walk fast down that street, be? cause there were so many people. From 6 o'clock on, till 11. The last train from THE TREASURE COVE GIFTS AND HANDCRAFTS High quality gifts and crafts from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and abroad 1-902-564-8158 Children's books and toys - pre-school to 12 years 1-902-539-3035 Open Mon.-Sat. 9-6. Thurs.-Fri. until 9 74 Townsend St.. Sydney. N. S. BI P 508 brake service drums & rotors resurfaced 2&4 wheel alignment including 1-ton trucks and motor homes computerized engine analysis and tune up (DISCO TIRE only) DISCO TIRE LTD. 539-4070 CANSO TIRE PORT HAWKESBURY LTD. 625-3125
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