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Page 13 - Edie MacLeod - Her Glace Bay

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/8/1 (521 reads)

But they were such happy times, when I think of it. No fighting or quarreling, no liquor, no smoking then, either. Very few people smoked. (The time was so innocent.) Yes. But it was a good time. It was great. What else? Those were the good days, my goodness. We even--we had tram cars in that day. And they came up, came down Brookside, and up Commercial, and up to McKeen Street, up McKeen. And if there was no skating, we had--Pleasant Street turns off from here. And just beyond Pleasant Street, that was just one big pond, as big as a rink, right there. Where the new bak? ery is, and there's two houses. That was called the Baker's Field. And people came from everywhere. One streetlight on the corner, and you'd have it black with peo? ple every night. But it was--if the people we wanted to skate with weren't there, we'd get out on the sidewalk. Then the roads weren't cleared the way they are to? day. We skated down on the tram track, all the way down McKeen Street, around the corner, around Senator's, down to the bridge. And climbed down the bank, and got out on the ice there. If it was good. I think one night when Chris and I were there, we got down that far. And the tide had broken the ice away from the shore? line. So somebody had put a ladder across the open water. We had to walk across the ladder to get out to skate! And then walk --then climb the bank and all the way home with the skates on. Skate up the tracks and back, which is uphill. Experience the Outdoors VICTORIA COUNTY Cape Breton Island 1992 60TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE CABOT TRAIL - August 18: Festival of the Arts - Centre Bras d'Or, Baddeck. Concerts, theatre, musical performances - 8 pm (contact Nancy MacDonald 295-2787) July 30 - August 2: Canadian National Hobie Cat Sailing Championships Bras d'Or Yacht Club, Baddeck (schedules available at Yacht Club) AUGUST INS Highland Village Day - lona. Concerts 2 pm & 7 pm - square dance to follow - $10.00 (contact Highland Village 725-2272) 2-8 Bras d'Or Yacht Club Annual Regatta - Bras d'Or Yacht Club, Baddeck (schedule available at Yacht Club) 4 Scottish Concert - Broad Cove Campground, C B Highlands National Park 8 pm - $4/person, SlO/family 6-9 Nova Scotia Gaelic Mod - Gaelic College, St. Ann's. Concerts, workshops, competitions, demonstrations, opening & closing ceremonies (contact Gaelic CoUege 295-3411) 11 Scottish Concert - Broad Cove Campground, C B Highlands National Park 8 pm - $4/person, SlO/family 11 MiUing Frolic - North River Hall, North River 8 pm - $4.00 (contact Barb Morrison 929-2337) 15 2nd Annual Fishing Boat Races - Jersey Cove 11 am (contact Brad Matheson 929-2716) 18 Scottish Concert - Broad Cove Campground, C B Highlands National Park 8 pm - $4/person, SlO/family 22 Gold Mine Mountain Bike Tour - Ingonish Beach. 10 km. Meet at Clybum Parking Lot, 10 am; bring lunch (Victoria County Recreation Dept. 295-3231) 23 Traditional Cod Fish Supper - N S Highland Village, lona. 3-6 pm - $9/person 23 Century Cycling Ride - Neil's Harbour. Distances: 33, 66,100 kms. Registration 9-10 am, St. Andrew Parish Hall - starts 10 am. Registration fee S20 includes T-shirt, water bottle & lunch (contact Victoria County Recreation Dept. 295-3231) 29 Provincial Road Race Cycling Championship - Little Narrows. Registration 9 am. Little Narrows Community Centre - registration fee $20 includes lunch & T-shirt (contact Victoria County Recreation Dept. 295-3231) 30 Baddeck Forks Mountain Bike Classic. Registration 12:30-1:30 pm. Baddeck Valley Community Hall - registration fee $10 includes lunch afterwards (contact Victoria County Recreation Dept. 295-3231) AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 7 Duck Race - Indian Brook (contact Brad Matheson 929-2716) 12 Middle River Challenge - Mountain Biking Middle River (call 295-3231) 15 Fall Fair - Indian Brook (contact Brad Matheson 929-2716) 15 Milling Frolic - North River (contact Barb Morrison 929-2337) 19 Harvest Home - Bell Museum - Baddeck (contact Aynsley MacFarlane 295-2069) 19 Highland Hill Challenge - Mountain Biking MacKinnon's Harbour (Tom C. Wilson 295-3231) 23-26 Baddeck Handcraft Festival - Baddeck (contact Eveline MacLeod 295-3203) 26 North Highlands Challenge - Mountain Biking Cape North (call 295-3231) OCTOBER 3 Gaelic College Challenge - Mountain Biking St. Ann's (contact Sam MacPhee 295-3411) 10-11 Annual Craft Fair - Cape North (Northem Victoria Community Centre 383-2515) 11 Ross Ferry Classic - Mountain Biking Ross Ferry (contact David Oake 674-2636) VICTORIA COUNTY August 21 - September 13: Victoria County Cycling Festival (schedule of events available from Victoria County Recreation Dept. 295-3231) For m.ore infonnation, please contact: VICTORIA COUNTY RECREATION DEPARTMENT P. O. Box 370, Baddeck, NS BOE IBO (902) 295-3231 Fax (902) 295-3444 CAPE BRETON ISLAND
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