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> Issue 61 > Page 37 - L'enfant a la bonne compagnie "The Boy Who Was Good Company"

Page 37 - L'enfant a la bonne compagnie "The Boy Who Was Good Company"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/8/1 (270 reads)

Sure enough, she told the schoolteacher. At 4:00 p.m. the schoolteacher arrived; the daughter saw him coming and snuck into her father's sitting room and hid behind the desk. The schoolteacher entered the room while saying to the King. "You asked for me?" ing the boy drink the poison. At 4:00 p.m., the King and Queen saw both their daughter and L'enfant a la bonne compagnie walking home from school. The King said to his wife, "How come he wasn't able to make him take the poison?" The King said, "Yes." The King then reached into his pocket and took out a small bottle of poison, and said, "Tomor? row during recess, you'll have all the children go outside but keep L'enfant a la bonne compagnie in the school. You'll ex? plain that you want to give him extra les? sons because he's so smart. Make him swal? low one teaspoon of this stuff. It tastes good, but it's pure poison. After five minutes, he will be dead. Send someone to us with the news of the death. Everyone will think that he died suddenly and we'll go get him to have him buried." The daughter overheard this conversation. So the next morning they went to school to? gether. She mentioned nothing, but at recess time the teacher said, "Everyone, go play outside. L'enfant a la bonne compagnie, you stay inside for a few more lessons." This was fine but the King's daughter re? fused to go out. There was no way of mak- During the night when everyone was in bed, the daughter got up and wrote a letter which said, "Remember that I promised to marry you when I would be old enough for us to get married." She had a red silk handkerchief on which she wrote in one corner her name and in the other corner the name of L'enfant a la bonne compagnie. Then she said, "How did you feel yesterday when I wouldn't obey the teacher?" The boy replied, "Ah! It bothered me. I thought you were a good lit? tle girl but you did dis? obey the teacher." PULL OVER AT Le Gabriel Restaurant! When touring the Cabot Trail, you'll enjoy your stop in Cheticamp. It is a friendly village with strong Acadian traditions. While in Cheticamp, enjoy a meal at Le Gabriel. We offer unsurpassed Acadian hospitality and cuisine. The dining room offers seating for 125 people, and many traditional dishes. Enjoy our fresh local seafood, sizzling steaks, fresh baked bread and sinfully delicious desserts. Perhaps you would like to join us in the Lounge. With its nautical decor and vaulted ceiling, the Lounge seats up to 300 people. Enjoy local entertainers. Don't miss the fiddlers on Tuesday nights and Saturday afternoons. You can dine and be entertained by local Acadian While in Cheticamp, don't forget to visit Flora's craft shop, which offers a variety of locally crafted • fully licensed • air conditioning • U. S. currency accepted Le Gabriel p. O. Box 316 Cheticamp, Nova Scotia Canada BOE IHO Tel: (902) 224-3685 fbrafs on the Cabot Trail Best selection of hooked rugs Flora's offers an excellent selection of rugs and other hooked items, made by over 100 local craft ladies. We also feature other quality handcrafts and souvenirs. • Sweaters • Quilts • Placemats Tartans Flora's has served the tourist industry for over 25 years. We welcome tour groups for one stop shopping. You're sure to enjoy /~ our rug hooking dem? onstrations! U. S. CURRENCY AT BANK RATE. ALL MAJOR CREDIT j CARDS ARE ACCEPTED, AND WE ALSO SHIP / Chatelaine WORLD-WIDE! / Best Craft Shop
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