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> Issue 61 > Page 49 - Two Encounters with Moose: Clarence Barrett in the Highlands

Page 49 - Two Encounters with Moose: Clarence Barrett in the Highlands

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/8/1 (316 reads)

A Moose Letter from Hans Padelt 28 February 1992 It doesn't stop snowing at our end of the world. Let me tell you a story which hap? pened last week just the day before my 85th birthday. We had and still have ideal skiing weath? er. That day I went with Anneka (the dog) toward Morrison Lake. When we passed the entrance to Lilly Pond we saw a moose about 100 yards ahead of us, walking the same direction as we did. Anneka dashed ahead to chase her/him off the road--so we expected. No, fellows, the moose, as it turned out, a bull moose, turned around to face the wildly barking dog, head down for the attack. Slowly, ever so slowly, they came in my direction. The road there is very narrow; thick brush on both sides. The snow was about 3 feet deep and very stiff, but the moose with his unique way of walking came step by step closer and closer and closer. I stepped up on the edge of the road, lean? ing tight to the brush. Should I take my skis off? Where would I go? Anneka kept her distance of safety to the bull but barked like mad. Once in awhile the moose made a short dash for the dog but knew very well he couldn't run in this deep snow.... But I could have--but didn't for some odd reason. With the last dash of the beast, dog and moose were beside me, (the moose) standing crosswise facing me, the dog between us. The bull got up on his hind legs pouncing down with his front legs, trampling Anneka into the deep snow, while I rammed both my ski poles into his floppy nose, thinking thereby that these poles were much too flimsy for this purpose. The bull rolled his eyes in circles and let go of the dog who jumped out of the hole, hiding behind me, and stopped barking. The beast started another dash for me and the stretched-out poles but let off and just kept standing there, motionless, staring at me with eyes still rolling, for 10 minutes--TEN VERY LONG MINUTES--in dead silence, beast, man and dog. I was absolutely helpless, tight to my skis and the barricades of brush and moose--there was no way out. After such a long time standing there and me and the dog no threat to him any? more, the bull slowly turned so as to walk away but stood there another 5 minutes and finally walked away toward Lil? ly Pond, and we, most re? lieved, to? ward Morri? son Lake. I Hans Padelt, Grey's Hollow didn't dare to follow him. Luckily he had shed his antlers already.... Gliding along this road so smoothly after this encounter, I thought about what just happened in all details. The odd part to me was that I didn't have any fear.... I was not brave or felt like a moose-fighting to? reador. My concern was just to get out of this awkward position, standing on my flim? sy skis in the direction of the road and fighting sideways with even flimsier ski poles this big beast, which must have felt as if I tickled him with straws. We were intruders in his territory and he gave us a lesson and we accepted by being silent. Anneka got only a bump on her hip.... And all these years I had told people, that when they meet a moose..."It just will run away"...and this one let me al? most miss my 85th birthday! Hans Riverside Cleaners Cape Breton's Only Drive-Thru DryCleaning KINGS ROAD • SYDNEY Lowest Drycleaning Prices in Town! Home of Solid Birch Furniture Keltic Furniture Sofas Sofa Beds Coffee & End Tables World Rockers Recliners Tables & Chairs All Your Home Furnishing Needs mSKIngsRoad, Sydney River, N.S. BIS 1C6 • 539-1715 Enormous Showroom at SYDNEY RIVER Uui'kkju's CARPET & DRAPERY SPECIALISTS LTD. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with over 25 years experience" Complete Residential & Commercial Flooring & Quality Installation Service Featuring sucii fine brand names as: • Crossley • Burlington • Richmond • Harding Armstong & Tarkett Vinyl Flooring 1670 KINGS RD. 562-5164 SYDNEY RIVER
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